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And text three one two nine eight one seven two hundred Vic. You ever thought about like who who's a weirdo actor that constantly is just like every time you see them. They're weird. You know, the one guy that popped in my mind when I was listening to you talk about this was Steve Bush IMI kind of sometimes played some I love him. I love you too. Yeah. We were just talking about him. Because usually, right. He's the. Yeah. No, no. Absolutely. And even if he plays like a nice guy. He's got that. Look, he's got that. Look, like, even if he's like, a nice, and yeah. Let's see we got Steve was in Galesburg on WGN. Hey, steve. I was Tennessee. What are we cash himself or not? Dennis hopper. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For not just look, here's here's the things. The. Just watch Dennis hopper and blue velvet. It's all over. You know what I mean? Like, it's that's that's it. He's never gonna get. You can't you know, he's passed away since. And again, I've met I actually met Dennis hopper. He was interviewed WGN a bunch of years ago. He came through town. I think it was for you know, it was weird because like blue velvet came out the same years hoosiers. And in hoosiers, he plays like a really, you know, he's a he's a drug what he's really nice guy and he's troubled, but he's really sweet. And he, you know, and then in the theaters at the same time was, you know, the character. I mean, this is unbelievable character that that he played in in blue velvet, which is just insane. So, but yeah, great. All right. Thank you. Steve. Yeah. David Lynch likes to cast those kind of guys. David Lynch, man. Oh, man. Let's see we got a bunch of texts coming in. Alien in the northwest. Suburbs. Says oh my God. Vincent Price scares the heck out of me. My son. My son's name is Vince. And when people call him, Vincent I corrected immediately. His name is Vincent. Because that name freaks me out. His name is Vince. Three one four airy Tilda Swinton as an actress that's a little strange and always weird or bizarre character. She's fantastic and chooses unique roles. That's for Meghan. Yeah. Tilda Swinton is definitely she fits into this category. Really well, and she's in a she's in a movie right now that she plays three different roles in the remake of suspicious. Which I happen to be a really big fan of. But nobody seeing it. I don't know if you've even be able to find it. But till this went I love Tilda Swinton Tilda Swinton, his great. And I think she's a terrific actor, and and she's cheeses. Yes. She's just a little strange. I would imagine. So there's a little little strange. Let's see here's rich and Chicago on WGN. Hi, rich. Hi, nick. Good morning. Twenty two to wackos that that always come to my mind, and they weren't like big star actors, but they were always just range never played a normal guy. One guy who was Richard. Oh, my God written every TV movie he only played like escaped candidate. And he had like burn scars. Exactly, exactly. I love Richard Lynch. He freaked me out when I was a kid. He's great movies. He was in a movie called. I'll never forget he was in this movie called premonition. In the seventies. And he was so creepy in that movie, Richard Lynch going look this guy up if you people don't know who he is look up, Richard Lynch, L Y N C H. And and soon as you see his face if you ever watched movies or TV in the seventies. He always played the weirdo in the bad guy. Yeah. He was very good at it. He's terrific. Erica. Yeah. That's a great choice choice any other one which I think you agree with to scape. Sixties and seventies Henry Silva. Oh, yeah. Mission impossible. I mean, I remember a little kid. He he always wore the epilepsy. Son is uniform, and he them Nyquil laugh. Yeah. He always played an evil guy. Nice guy. Do you remember him in sharpies machine? Yes. Yes. Gallery to he's been stuff. Henry Silva has been in a ton of stuff. He was in. Crazy was he in Manchurian candidate or my nuts. Okay. That's cool, man. Ocean's eleven. That's good choices rich. All right. Yeah. Henry Silva, Henry Silva, he was in shark. He's machine he played like a hitman henchman. And he was tremendous in that movie. I I liked him in above the law. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's the thing about Stephen sales movies. This is this is true of almost all of his movies. You could just say Steven Seagal is and then the title of the movie. Yeah. Steven Seagal is above the law. He used on deadly ground. He is hard to kill his underseas under siege. He is. What was it was another one? There's more. But I can't go out for Justice. He is out for Justice. So that's all I can see take all is. You mentioned under siege. Are you're going here. I I told you off the air that I actually spent a week hanging out with Gary Busey who I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet. Yeah. By anybody? But that's we're talking about characters who ear actors always come off like weird or crazy. No matter what they play. And so I ended up hanging out with Gary Busey. I didn't tell you the other part of the story. So he was in town for people who might not know. I'm sure if you if you listened regularly, you know, that in the fall of nineteen Ninety-two Gary Busey was here in town shooting that that terrible. Of a rookie of the year movie. And so my girlfriend at the time. Enjoyed going to clubs and she was very attractive. So I was like all right. I'll go to clubs with you. Even though it's not my scene. So we're at China Club. We went to China design long ago, it was China Club. And she was very attractive. I don't know what she was doing with me. But she was very very very attractive, and she could get obviously into VIP rooms at any bar or club in the city. Just because of the way she looked and then I'd be tagging along, you know, like this idiot tagging along with her. And so we got into the VIP room at China Club one night, and Gary Busey was across the room. And I walked in. I was like, oh my God that scared, and so I was like I have to go. I have to go over and talk to him. I just have to. And so I went over and this was nineteen Ninety-two. So it was about a year after point break came out. And so at that time. You know, one point break came out. It did well at the box office, but mostly got mediocre to bad reviews. And now, obviously point break is considered a classic. You know, what I mean like at this point? So in one thousand nine hundred it wasn't quite there yet like it didn't have the audience. It has now the very passionate huge amount of people that love point break of which I am the, you know, the the leader of that. 'cause I adore that movie. So I go up to him, and I go, I don't want to interrupt you. I don't wanna bother you or anything. Shake his hand. And I'm like, listen, I'm just a huge fan. I think you're great. And I really loved you in point break, and he's is lit up, and he goes point break man that movie changed my life. And then he started telling me all these stories, you know, about Swayze, and like how Swayze was really like Bodey in real life, like he's very spiritual. He did jump out of airplanes and do all that kind of extreme south. And so he's telling me all these stories and just eating them off. And it's great. And then for some reason he took a liking to me. And we ended up hanging out. He was staying at the West End across the street from the Hancock building. And and so he's like, why don't you come back, man? So we ended up like hanging out. We went to China Club. A couple more times we went we went up to other bars and hung out, and he's hotel and just and so whatever you think it is what it's like whatever you think what it's like to hang out with Gary Busey. You're pretty much in the wherever you think that is multiply it by about one hundred and you're in the ballpark of weirdness. And so. I'll tell you this part band. But so while he's in town. Because I'm a film critic, I get invited to screenings and stuff. And so while he was in town. I get an invite to see under siege. From Warner Brothers. They sent me because under siege was about to come out. That's awesome. So I get an invite to see under siege. And I tell them about it because it was the same week. He was you know, we were hanging out. And I was like. Hey, I got an invite to see under siege. And it was at the Esquire which is right down the street from where where he was staying. He was at the west and in the Esquire was right down on an oak. And so he's like what I didn't know about it. And I'm like, yeah. There's they're screening it right down the street. You know under siege right down the street. And he's like when I was like tomorrow night. He's like all right. Well, you think I can get in. I'm like, you're in the movie, I think I think it's safe to say that you can actually go to the screening since you're in the movie, he's like, I said, well, you know, what if you wanna just come with me, you could be my plus one and he's like all right great. So I go to undergo see under siege. With Gary Busey sitting next to me, basically doing what was before it was now he was basically doing DVD commentary in my ear during the entire movie. Cool, though, it was it was awesome. And he and he was like Tommy Lee Jones, and I made up this whole thing we have provided this whole thing. There's a scene in under siege re comes out and drag. This was totally mad. You're the director didn't want me to do it. And I said hell, I'm doing it. And then he was talking about what a jerk Steven Seagal was and then he insisted on not cutting off his ponytail. And they're like you're in the navy. You have to cut off your ponytail. And so he he's like, he's a jerk. He said other things worse things. But that was one of the highlights of hanging out with Gary Busey was having him sit next to me and do commentary while we watched under stage. Yeah, that's cool though. It's very cool. Very cool. And really crazy. And that was a it was a world wind seven day. That's all I'm saying. Crazy. He's nuts. All right. We'll take your phone call before we break. Here's Adam on WGN. Hi, adam. Hey, thanks for having me on. All right, buddy. What's up? If you'll allow me a, male and female, Helena, Bonham Carter. Yeah. Absolutely. And kind of through the bathroom window on this one but Woody Allen Woody Allen. Well, Woody Allen. Yeah. Yeah. For many reasons. Yeah. Thanks for having me. Okay. But he take care of those Adam. All right. What do you guys think? Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred actors and actresses who no matter who they play. They're always creepy. They're always weird. They always freak you out. Very distinctive weird actors three one thousand nine hundred seventy got some texts coming in some phone lines are open if you want to jump in. And when we come back. We'll jump right back into this this topic. All right. You have all had dreams growing up of seeing your names in the lights are on the marquee in the on the Chicago theatre even written out in the stars in the night sky. Even though the stars won't actually spell out your name..

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