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Present in elect they're not going to his in argue rationed more than two dozen democratic representatives say they will model tend to mr johnson andre shane including california congress woman maxine waters he's still and that has to bring the put together not may represent that is barbaralee until often said i don't feel like celebrating com's than mark to cano says he'll do community service in his district other sided mr trump's comments to congressman john louis as a reason lewis said heat y con because trump isn't a legitimately elected president trump tweeted that lewis should focus on his failing district fox's jessica rosenthal louis's district includes the atlanta airport amor university and the sanders for disease control and local residents send messages of support to their congressman also messages approach asked to the present on a lacked incoming white house senior advisor kelly and conway was asked about congressman louis's comment and donald trump's tweeted response that has outrage people around the country i was with him today you wasn't hungry are vikings very hard to and that this on a martin a thirteen year when being with him for a what might lamar and with live taking the third said today was a coke constructive conversation that he would be with him on the day the national holiday to honors his father's legacy nebraska republicans senator been asked criticize donald trump's twitter response to congressman lewis and called the civil rights activist one of his hero's he also implored the georgia democrat to please attending inaugurated in saying it's about the peaceful transfer of power michigan republican congressman justin how much had this message for the present elect on twitter dude just stop on this national holiday honoring.

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