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We're seeing a green wave far is equities go Bloomberg, Daybreak with Karen Moscow and Nathan Hager, head of the effort is already laying plans for the next round of doses. U. S relations with China could take a twist weekday mornings at five Eastern. How Close was Tesla to Being part of the Apple empire on Bloomberg Radio? The Bloomberg business happened. Bloomberg radio dot com. Bloomberg, the world is listening. Here's the latest news. Pope Francis says politically motivated violence on display in the U. S. Capitol is the wrong path. In a Sunday address from the Vatican today, Francis sent a message with his affectionate greeting to the people of the United States. He encourages the entire population to maintain a lofty sense of responsibility in order to calm things down, promote national reconciliation and protect democratic values that are rooted in American society. The West Virginia delegate who was arrested for being part of Wednesday's right is resigning. Derrick Evans submitted his letter of resignation to Governor Jim Justice today, the Wayne County Republican Live, streamed his entrance into the Capitol building. He was arrested in charge Friday, and President elect Joe Biden's dog major is about to become the first rescue dog to live in the White House. Major and the other Biden family dog champ will accompany the Bidens to their new residents. The German shepherd was adopted by the Bidens and 2018 from the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, which is hosting a special online event to commemorate the occasion. That's the latest on the city area. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom in New York City Fire Department says they've received anonymous allegations of active or retired members being spotted at the deadly riots on Capitol Hill last week. More from Bloomberg's Denise Pellegrini. And this comes as many of those seen in viral videos and photos of the riots are being tracked down and arrested. New York one reports. The deputy commissioner for the F D. N Y says they have provided this information to the FBI. The daily News reports. At least two F D N Y members were photographed outside the Capitol building. One was seen from behind while wearing an F D N Y jacket. Another was in regular clothes that didn't identify him as a firefighter. The man in the F D N Y jacket, which read f D N Y Squad, 2 52. Was said to be a retired firefighter. The other man is said to be an active duty firefighter squad. 2 52 is based on a Brooklyn to the spell. A gritty Bloomberg radio. The woman who was seen on video allegedly assaulting a black teen in Soho's Arlo Hotel last month, wrongly accusing him of stealing her phone was arraigned in New York City Criminal Court yesterday and granted supervised release. 22 year old Mia Ponsetto was extradited from her home state of California for the arraignment. She's now facing a series of crimes, attempted robbery, grand larceny, two counts of attempted assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Apple has joined others in removing the parlor APP from its APP store and Amazons Cloud unit decided to stop hosting parlor starting tonight. This as part of a growing backlash after the Social Media network was among those used to organize Wednesday's riots at the Capitol. Japan's government is considering approving fighters covert 19 vaccine for use by people age to 16 years and older. Broadcaster NHK reports. Visor and partner by on Tech have agreed to provide 120 million doses to Japan in the first half of this year. Global News 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. This'll is Bloomberg Wall Street Week with David Westin from Bloomberg Radio. This week. We got to see the minutes of the Federal Reserve's meetings at the end of last year, and FOMC members, for the most part seemed pretty happy with where they are. Though Megan Greene of Harvard's Kennedy School did go through the wrist the Fed may be facing in 2021. This isn't the most earth shattering minutes, but there were a few things in there. For starters, they change their language around. Continuing bond purchases, though it's been saying they'll continue for coming months. They said they'd continue until they reach sufficient progress on hitting their targets. But they were also pretty careful to say that those targets wouldn't be quantitative. They be qualitative. So if that feels kind of frustrating in Vegas, it is and it's intentionally so there was widespread expectations. In early December of murdered her dissidents that the Fed might actually try to extend the duration on their bond purchases. Tonto keep along into the yield curve down, and there was very little appetite for that in the 10 minutes. That, of course, is before the 10 year yields started creeping up in recent days so that that might have changed already since mid December, when they spend minutes Her recorded and then finally, the head talked a little bit about their outlook and you know, in line with expectations, they're pretty pessimistic about the upcoming months. It's gonna be a hard winter, but they're hoping that a vaccine will result in a release that pent up demand in a recovery in the second half of this year's they were much more optimistic, but there's so many risks. Around that you I think that's where keeping in mind well, it's itching as I understand it. What they said, is on the question. Inflation. Specifically, the risk was the downside. That is to say we understood rather than overshoot. But this, of course was before we had those two seats go to Democrats in Georgia. Do you think it's a different world for the Fed today than it was just two days ago? So a lot has happened since you spend minutes even just a couple weeks ago, and I actually don't think that we're in a different world. But if you think that the market seemed to be expecting that we are and that that might be a wrist, so I mentioned the 10 year yield was particularly off of the back of yesterday's Georgia's Senate results, and that's on the basis that will probably get some kind of stimulus out of this government with the Democrats and control the Senate, and that's probably right. But it is worth Considering that might not be a linear crosses. It will require absolute unity amongst the Democrats in the House and the Senate to get a significant fiscal measures passed..

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