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And his teammates and apprentice in New England starts today for the forty Niners as a back up in New England to Brady he was on to Super Bowl championship teams but he did not play on super Sunday in either of those affairs he was traded by the patriots in two thousand seventeen and is now twenty three and five as a starter at twenty eight years of age Jimmy G. is coming off a torn ACL last season and now has an opportunity to fulfill his potential when I spoke to him earlier I asked him about his preparations this week and how different they are being a starter rather than a back up well I think the experience of the week of the Super Bowl having seen and been through that is really benefiting me just died I've heard people stressing out about it you know panicking and everything but I've always are just have fun with it you know enjoy it and it's a good problem to have so preparation has been it pretty similar you know to what it usually is having a two weeks makes a little different but it's been it's been good have you been able to take anything from your patriot days and apply it here or is it just so much different because obviously the team's different in your roles different yet that a but there's parts and pieces you know it you could die tied together it's just on you know Thailand coach Bocek a very similar and I the way that they're very honest very up front I I know yeah everyone I said you're going through this again but it's it and that's what I appreciated by men as a head coach you you wanna guys honest and up front with you and that's that's really all I could ask for where are your Super Bowl rings you look at him off their there in Chicago I guess say form Chicago I can't remember the last time I took him out I think maybe going back to my middle school or elementary school I think it's a come out don't take this wrong because you put in all the work but when you don't play in the game do you feel like they're yours if if we were to win this one I think this ring all have a different feel to it those two rings you know there's still a lot of hard work even as the back of you know you put a lot of hard work so you won those games of all time was suspended that was a team in a position to be in the Superbowl right so you know even if we're talking about you know our back UPS Nick moaned and CJ everyone plays a role in this and whether it's getting the defense prepares a scout seem cord backer you know being the starter and give ME office ready I think everyone has an important role in it you're sick of it I'm sure but if you heard from Tom this.

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