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Subs Roger Goodell was in Batavia yesterday for the Jim Kelly golf Tournament, said the bills do need a new stadium and he says it would be a public private partnership. Jaguars running back Travis Travis Etienne is out indefinitely. With an apparent mid foot sprain. Uh, Yankees beat the Braves Jays beat the White Sox. The Bisons are back home tonight. They have a seven clock game against Worcester. That is the opening Of a six game home stand. Those are your paddock. Chevrolet Headlines. Paddock Chevrolet with you for the extra mile. Next update at nine o'clock. Hi will stay out of any of the stuff that you would read in between the management and the player any time Unless I was asked if I was asked to be involved in it, I would. I'm not asked to be involved in this one. And that's good because I want my relationship with Jack to just the player coach. And if Jack's back and playing with the Buffalo Sabres, I'm as excited as anybody to happen, and probably more than that, But if that happens that happens to great day for For me, and I will do whatever I can. Get Jack playing his best like a focus on every time. You know, I just don't like drama. I hate drama. Um, and getting involved in that It's just nothing but a distraction. Hey, on day one a training camp. If whenever players we have there, That's what I'm working with. That's it. So in the interim, I'm not going to play the hypothetical this. That or the other. As I mentioned this morning, I threw some film on of guys that are coming in. Well, I'm watching guys are there's plenty of things to fill my day. That can be productive when I want to turn attack. So if I spend two hours a day working on high Right now. There's more than enough stuff to cover. It would be very productive. So I don't need to, uh Spend any time or energy into that others are handling it, and I'll just trust that process. Sabres.

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