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Dot com, the views and opinions you hear on talkradio six eighty WCBS wcbMcom are not necessarily those of the owners, banishment employers and advertisers of WCBS, but they should be the Tom Moore show is sponsored by HP M productions welcome to the more show. This is Dr Tom Roenick sitting in for my son Thomas, lots of. Things to talk about tonight. We want to talk about the Republicans getting creamed in the midterm elections. It looks like the house thirty six seats were flipped big issues were Trump Trump and more Trump as well as Bama care and keeping the preexisting conditions. Secondly, another issue clearly it's on the minds of some folks is is the man who shouted the Heil Trump at the hippodrome on on I guess Wednesday night, and what happened to him which really wasn't very much. The migration is that the American Mexican border. What should we do about it? Those in your thoughts on the Tom Moore show at four one zero nine two two six six eight zero. Talkradio six eighty WCBS get ready for the real deal. Baltimore time now for the Tom Moore show. Tom Moore show the doctor Tom moronic as I always do when I start the show that. I'm.

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