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Though the lead to mass shootings Well what we see when a perpetrator feels emasculated are wrong. Because of the loss of power is what can be known as aggrieved entitlement which means these perpetrators feel wronged by the world and transform that eager into revenge and believe that quote. They can regain this through. Mass violence against the enemy are those whom they feel. Have wrongs them. According to a study completed by rachel. Cash and michael kimmel and this specific study came from suicide by mass shooting as they went through this whole narrative but this is what they were trying to bring out like. This may be a reason and we need to look about this entitlement as well as masculinity right and yeah again. This is the result of feeling of superiority and trying to regain power of control and in a study titled masculinity threat misogyny and the celebration of violence white by maria capterra. She talks about a level of white entitlement factors into perpetrators of mass shootings in states since white entitlement often protects white men from systemic disenfranchisement. These individuals are often unable to emotionally process everyday setbacks. Bullying being passed over for a job excetera when their privileges no longer guarantees them status or success. They are unable to cope. More likely to externalize blame for their outcomes rise. There's a lot of conversation of why they may do this. And of course there are studies upon studies upon studies about what this looks like in relation to gun control in relation to a domestic violence. That are all very separate. That could come together. And it's slowly coming together As we talked about it again that one report from a collision komo came from two thousand ten and this current one from capterra was in two twenty nineteen and they continue studies and we know that bloomberg did giant studying twenty twenty when it comes to mass shootings domestic violence and we have another new one that came from a demolished from every town that came out in twenty twenty as well. So there's a lot of conversation about how to link these at what is again. We talked about earlier about gun control and gun violence in whether the cdc would be able to intervene and they have felt slow slowly started researching what is happening even with being contested by other lobbyists..

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