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Yeah sure visions and and what they're supposed to do for sure but the parents aren't thinking of that type the my parents they don't to this day there they don't care about the issues is that I think a lot of US Asiana Maher right kind of who were born here. At least you spent a good part of our child at he right here about you. They're just trying trying to provide right. Yeah Yeah and so when you guys Writing to this we creating pieces around. Yeah Yeah were we were. I mean pretty pretty bad stuff but yeah we were writing about about kind of everything. We didn't know what the hell we were doing right. Insures we didn't. We just didn't have a a lot of us. It was new for all of us. We didn't go to plays growing up We didn't know what it meant to write a play watch. Sketch shows we watch. Sketch shows watched. Yeah we watched movies write rush TV and we were we were we. Were just kind of figuring it out and it was. It was so find because of that we know what the hell we were doing right. No no no rules. Did anybody step in. was there anybody among you that knew how to direct or anything. How many people are in the core group I think there there must have been like twelve thirteen and that corker ended they do register it as a as a club on campus. Yeah we did so you had your own room and we had space to rehearse we had A. We had a theater later on campus the North West Campus Auditorium which was kind of tucked in by the dorm and he said all this emotion me into other three of us. Yeah Yeah we put it together and I can't believe it's still going on it's crazy. Have you checked back in with it. This show's now over over the years though I mean here and there would come back and talk to the kids and I think I'm due to come back and Oh yeah yeah so they know that you're the guy that it started it. I think so. Yeah the historical figure this small picture of you somewhere hanging. Maybe now yeah yeah out of that original original crew. How many people sort of went into show business a bunch? We made a lot of parents. Math succeeded pollution. Yeah a bunch of bunch of especially from that early group you know like I don't know I'd say a third a Of of that early group ended up going into it. They still in it. Yeah Yeah Lot thriving a lot of a lot of them you know in different capacities sure. L. Writers Yeah Yeah executives you know are you guys still in touch Yeah Yeah we all keep in touch. When we had our always be my maybe premier Allie was in the journey punch of and it was our premier was in Westwood by UCLA? Punch a bunch of us from the old back in the day came to the premier and it was real cool. That's like that's great. Yeah yeah it was really cool now do you have you do you feel. They're obviously. There has been progress. Do you feel in terms of representation in terms of like 'cause it's like it's a really odd thing. I the struggle struggle for African Americans to to against this depiction of them In general in film and Television You know it was always part of the culture awareness. But I don't think that I really took into mind. You know the struggle of Asian Americans to sort of find that place. I knew there were movies but it was always really a big deal. Feel when the movie was made about multigenerational Asia family like look at the food. It always. There's always a lot of food involve food. Ah Do you feel that now. There is a broader acceptance Yeah Yeah Yeah I think I think fresh off the boats good example. Alex Alex Wong success is a great example. So I think so and You know just kind of the fact that these projects and these people are out there in the mainstream not just is performing for other Asian Americans or that's usually what happens to. Yeah it's it's amazing there's Yeah I mean it's a broad. I mean alley successes like inside. It's insane it's amazing. It's it's amazing. I mean it's not surprising No yeah right is amazing. I don't I I have to assume that those audiences dances aren't all Asian American ninety shows that she's doing in San Francisco. She's still naive. It's crazy it's crazy as we're here in. La at the one on Wilshire and Wilton. Yeah yeah it is crazy but it's great. It is great. Yeah I think it's empowering for not just women but I obviously for Asian Americans to right I mean I I don't know why AM I. Sometimes I like I. Don't talk to her about asian-americans now you're the representatives but it but it's amazing how much you know white people take for granted. 'cause you know we've all been eating Chinese food or or or Thai food or Korean for whatever we eat. Yeah actually where it starts you go to that restaurant. It just sort of a lack of empathy to connect lives in struggled to the people that yeah for sure there. Yeah Yeah I think that's why you see it so much. Our projects is like. Yeah we are so you did a Master's program. You did a master's in what in Asian American Studies. So you really Kinda hung in there with that. Yeah I was so yeah for sure for sure it was something I was very interested in. That was two years two years. Yeah and then when you just decide I'm going to ask How did you go about well? I think it was many many years after I know. Yeah I really. Yeah Yeah I mean I think You know the expectations of my parents were it was like they were just fighting up against what I really wanted to do. And and I kind of after after Grad school I just kind of work these regular jobs. I was a graphic designer Just trying to figure it out where you fighting with your folks. Yeah Yeah Yeah a little bit and then a slow slowly. I'd Kinda hint then. Yeah I think I WANNA do this and they be like no. You're not going to do well in that. It's so hard so the character in the movie is sort of like something relate to. Yeah Yeah like that could have been your destiny cutoff. Yeah it was. I mean I was. I was in my thirties thirties. Living at home. Oh yeah because I was at that point. I was like actually pursuing acting. I wasn't really telling my parents because every time I tell them they would they would Stress how much of a failure. I would be really. Yeah I mean because you look my mom worked at UCLA and she. She worked with a lot of students or former students who had just graduated. UCLA and we're now L. pursuing acting but needed a job on the side so they'd work in this accounting department with my mom. She's like reels and she she I remember. She showed me one of her coworkers. Like real like this guy's incredible. Yeah but this guy's working with me that's how hard it is and I remember looking guys real. It's like this guy is incredible so it scared me scare you straight. Yeah but I mean again. It was because she loved me and she didn't want me. You know you have a tough time. You're at home in your thirties. Yeah Yeah and I had a tough time and graphic designer. Yeah because when I was at that theatre company in College I we. You know we'd we'd may have to make flyers for our show to put them all around camp right so I picked up some like a th. That's that's your chops in pretty basic graphic graphic design skill. Carried me into these. These jobs post college. But didn't your parents know that you were kind of like you know unhappy in Wallo or floundering in that. What were they expecting to happen with the graphic? I think they were hoping that I would. You know kind of be like okay. I'm done with this. I'm Tom went to go to law school right or or you know. I think that's right now. So meanwhile I was. I was going to these auditions I was doing. I was doing Improv. I was doing stand up for a little while I did. I I I. The at a certain point alley had moved up to San Francisco. I remember this go and sheets show me all around the rooms. I perform with her at all. These different rooms in San Francisco made a bunch of You know your friends in San Francisco at the time it's okay. So you're you're you're you're sneaking around doing this because you really are doing graphic design and you'd go in Y- it when you wanted to San Francisco. How how many times do you stand up or a bunch of time? Oh really yeah. How was it for you? It was great it was so oh fine. Yeah yeah I I loved it I especially going up there and I was an and I wished that I had lived up there sometimes because just it was a real community. You know a comedian comedy city. Yeah Yeah here too. But it's different here. It's different here. I mean if you're if you were where I was at at the time you couldn't booker. Ah Fi five minutes in. I guess it was really before all the bring your shows but I was doing those British shows I was I was is performing for me up there. She featured for me once the punch on I remember. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah yeah crazy crazy. So how how. How much time did you were you in college together? We weren't well. I had a master's program. Yeah I it was right when I graduated that programs when she joined joined the company. And you guys stay friends. Yeah we stayed friends like these stories. Yeah Yeah because I I've known comics for thirty or forty years but like when he both kind of do different things and still stay ahead. Yeah Yeah it's pretty. It's pretty cool. She did you feel bad for you. Were you like when you were back then. Yeah like sort of like. I don't think so. I mean she lived in San Francisco at the time because she had moved back up and I was folks. Were there her family. Yeah and I was I was just doing. I was just trying to make it down here. I don't think she you know she has sought to much of my my struggle. When when did you sort of get Like any sort of thing going like what happened. you know it was just a slow slow build you now like book commercial You know and I'd I'd be like. Oh Wow I I felt like I made it. I booked my first commercial. Yes like it was on the Asian channels all manner and I didn't even know what the Hell I was selling but I was like. Oh Man I made it and then and then you know and then a year would pass book another commercial and I'd be like Oh this one's in English and and then another one the national one. Yeah you know it's just the kind of and then a co Star on a show and then dishing didn't beat you up. I mean you weren't had had beat me up Dan every every time you come home and see your mom. Yeah Yeah you could you know. I couldn't tell her when I booked something because you know it'd be like okay. How much did you get paid where you know what does that? What does that lead to well? Writing Kinda Airs Komo. You didn't have any lines matt. Yeah I know but I I was featured prominently it just. It was for many years. Yeah for many years after so how so after. What was a you would you? What was the CO starring role? You got the first one was a show called fast lane on. It was on Fox right. So you had representation had representation and you know. I had a commercial agent at rice and just kind of kept that it was and I kept doing these live shows. Sketch shows rose. And where were they..

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