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Of firefighters die fighting a wildfire in the San Bernardino National Forest in California. The cause is under investigation. You're listening to ABC news and you heard this mentioned on the network news. But President Trump is apparently going to block US downloads of TIC Tac, and we chat on Sunday. This is, according to Reuters. Throws a wrench into the oracle deal, then Yeah, well, they're trying to get that deal done. Maybe they think they'll be able to announce something before Sunday, But Sunday is the day. Okay, let's get out to traffic right now and check in with Brian Nobles. Morning. Brian are things you think they're pretty good. This report is brought to you by batteries plus involved that includes the ride South down by 5 to +155 80 for super commuters. If you are headed that way, I five looks good. All the way down through Stockton on +22055 westbound moving well through. Tracy got usual, slowing westbound to +05 right around Mountain house. It continues to get to about Grand Line Road on 5 80 moving pretty well the rest of the way up and over the ultimate mass at batteries, plus they power family road trips. Bedtime stories. They do more than replace batteries, fix phones and tablets. They help their neighbors power their lives. Visit the men's door, curbside batteries, plus dot com. Traffic under attends every 10 Minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk. Partly sunny in the morning with clouds clearing in the afternoon. High of about 81 degrees today tonight, increasing clouds low around 58. Then Saturday, mostly cloudy through mid morning and then we'll have gradual clearing and we're behind your 84. Then on Sunday, a high around 89 of some comfortable temperature for the weekend. Right now in Sacramento. We have clear skies, great air quality and 63 degrees. Time for a little news from the.

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