Pharmaceutical Companies, Washington, Fifty Sixty Seventy Thousand Dollars discussed on Rush Limbaugh


And that's a a coop fifty dollars a month for adult and and ten bucks a month for kids the unlimited care he buys directly from the the you know those people the provide medicines and so on the pharmaceutical companies and and that's 95 percent discount that's 48 cents i think for a x ray in his office he if you need stitches he get stitches you need a leg set you got a leg said that's all included at the he's got an incredible well story to tell and those are the kinds of innovation in healthcare that we ought to be incentivizing from governmental standpoint but of a today what we've done it is done those folk and fed no word we won't allow you to participate so that's exactly the kind of flexibility in choices that we believe ought to exist so that patients and families and doctors that are making these kinds to defeat and and not washington dc now well so back to the discretionary powers you have a here's my main question and i think if winger premiums down and especially the high cost of deductibles for people i mean it's expensive of people even walk into a doctor's office or co pays or whatever i mean if you have a high deductible than you're going to be incentivised never see a doctor that's not good everybody should go once a year even though i don't follow my own advice get no you're absolutely right in the problem that with the high deductible the you know is that when you've got a deductible of sixty five hundred dollars or even ten thousand dollars and you're making you know fifty sixty seventy thousand dollars a year a well you may have an inch current card and and uh and and the pboc you've got coverage but in fact you don't have any care because you can't afford the deductible and.

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