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With how beach goers continue to enjoy the sun and surf safely the absolute majority of people and people that I personally came in contact with these people are trying to do the right thing they want to do the right thing and every quarter but most of more spaced out properly when they work we ask them to they did governor Disentis will hold his first cabinet meeting in nearly four months on Thursday since the beginning of the corona virus outbreak the governor has mostly held daily briefings with emergency management officials despite agriculture commissioner Nikki freed calling for the cabinet to meet and show a United front in their response Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away with Florida's news on Chris strike ban I'm Chris foster some coronavirus restrictions are lifted in more states today Michael Ryan with the world health organisation with a reminder we may get a second peak in this way this happens during pandemics in the past and certainly happened in the pandemic of nineteen nineteen of the Spanish flu we we got a second peak not necessarily a second wave the trading floor the New York Stock Exchange is back open closed since March over positive corona virus tests brokers that are allowed to return will have to wear protective masks and follow social distancing requirements they're also required to avoid public transportation to limit potential virus exposure those who visit the trading floor will have to undergo a temperature check screening before entering the building if they don't pass they can't go inside until they test negative for the corona virus or self quarantine according to federal guidelines box attorney Jeff hours America's listing fox news from the Maltese on traffic center we're looking pretty good on our interstates and expressways right now nobody access no big deal is to tell you about on two seventy five by seventy five all right for we do have an accident though on US nineteen approaching tarpon Avenue in tarpon springs as we write about a lime street this report is sponsored by your Tampa Bay area BMW centers and BMW handling curves is in their DNA right now we're faced with.

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