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And once again, this is talking pets Jon patch. Hello there. I'm Jillian said lo I know I'm daisy Charlotte. I wanna welcome on a very dear friend of the show of mine wanna bring on Alice the of Amiga and find out a little bit about how the cats are taking to the catwalk in New York City at the hotel. Hey Alice how you doing welcome talkin pets. I'm great. Thanks, john. How are you? Doing. Okay, we'll talk. So so tell US August second is the date of the event, correct? Correct. That hamlet spun racist of the maze alliance in New York City animals, and that's gonna be doesn't start. It's it's from five to seven thirty is that right? Right. In the theme this year, it's going to be purring twenty with fabulous doing the fashions. Again, she's got a lower. And just it's amazing. We're gonna have eight noodles this year. Nice. Now, also, you're celebrating. This is all about him. What the eighth you'll gun cat Hamilton? Right. It's the first hamlets I fundraise last year was Matilda and she retired. So now we welcome town with the eighth and he took the reins in September. And he is going to oversee his first fundraiser. So how's he doing the fitting in and he's doing okay? Oh my God. He's kings have to come and see him. I have never in my life seen a cat's like him. He is so lovable. He's so smart. He just he enchants everyone case at the event LSU guys, you're going to have orders desserts. You have the cat fashion show going on. And also cocktails can forget those and auction also going on and what's going on outside of the in front of the Cohen. We're gonna have a mobile petted option unit. So you can come on by without even coming to the event and give a friend to forever home and the the the goal of. This your aim is what to raise about ten thousand dollars for. Tickets seventy five dollars each, but it's completely tax deductible. And it all goes directly to the bands, the lions and that includes a swag probably twenty five dollars worth of product. Or jerve desert swigging to have some singing. And then of course, we have on mute -als and the raffle and anybody can enter the auction. You can just go into the website, and you can bid on the auction without coming to the party. But we have some fabulous stuff Cindy Robbins win. Just an amazing assistant. What is the website? Five oh, one auction slash dunk would still abrasion, but I do have it on your website. We have it on hamlet Facebook page new section actually talk in dot com. You'll see there. There's a write up about everything. And then the website is there one oceans dot com forward slash gong Quinn. Celebration. And so you can go there and take part in that every year, you had a very successful show having you. Good. And what hoping to surpass this year? We love the clients. And we love giving back. I think you will. I think you're going to do quite well. Hopefully, a lot of the kiddies actually find home. One adoption it. It's just worthwhile. And last year, we got one senior cat adopted. So that was really great. The name for Matilda, which was for the female cat, but him. Hamlet supposedly straight cat wanted in the hotel. It was emotionally cat, and they called him rusty with John Barrymore who was a frequent guest of the hotel and his most famous role with Amit. So they decided to rename the cat hamlet because it was more dignified. And so the tradition began and all the male cats hamlet, and the still the we don't know why until the so we are now on our twelve cat, but it's Amethi eighth. The next one would be a female would be Matilda again. Female it would be a Mathilde. But let's hope our hamlet has a long and happy rain. He's only two years old, and he actually was Ferrell from feral colony. Well, she's twenty event that's taking place in in New York. Hotel. What's your address? So people are going to be in New York City. They can actually go to the event where it fifty nine street between fifth and sixth avenues, right me district. Sounds good. And again, the aim of this is the goal is to raise ten thousand dollars for the mayor's alliance for New York City's animals, so hopefully that will happen, and it's a fun event. Everything's going on like you said there's orders and Okla hall not for the kiddies. Just rush. That sounds good. Cake chef actually making the cake. Okay. He's amazing. He's chef Anderson is absolutely amazing. We'll have to meet them. Yes. Outside is going to be. Who's going to be a mobile adoption unit outside from three until seven the event inside is from five until seven thirty abrasion. Abrasion and annual celebration in cat fashion show, and it's at the hotel in New York City, and again, the cats are taking to the catwalk and the hotel I want to thank you for filling us in talking about it. And it's so nice to talk with you again. I wish where. What we hope to welcome back to New York hamlets. Absolutely. We love you. Hamilton for us. Alycia Amita meal Gakuen hotel. Don't forget it's August second five until seven thirty and there's an outside adoption going on from three seven pm, and that's at the hotel in New York City right there in the district. Check it out if you're going to be in town on.

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