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That's that's just my being i think you know in hindsight's always twenty twenty right so you think well maybe if they had sort of said this statement then with the five of them at amicably choosing to go on solo things that it seems like four of them and the label really wanted another fifth harmony album right and cumulus like nah i do my solo thing now so maybe it just wasn't an option at that point i mean they're fandom is no less boisterous than it ever was it's just like work from home went beyond that phantom that's the thing but i think that you know they're definitely leaving the door wide open they're very careful with this wording hiatus and solo endeavors and not like we're all breaking up in we hate each other now it's like they're they're going to test the waters and if those waters are not kind to them they'll come back to that fifth harmony family probably pretty quickly if if if the label wants another fifth harmony project enough i mean a lot of this with many girl groups in sync went on hiatus didn't they it's true but initial that's in that exam it was obviously like justin timberlake forestall their hands being like he it was all up to him and it was like he went out and tested the water and sink could have probably gone on as a four piece maybe unless there was some contractual things saying that they couldn't yeah maybe i don't know but the band girl rip things always difficult tarred see the fact that like camille a left and she was you know not even arguably the breakout star she obviously was the breakout star the fact that she laughed it really like all four of them have equal parts in this thing whereas like with dusty child's like whenever but the onset feels like you know making a destiny xiao project she can just say hey kelly resell like let's do it you know so we'll see charts chart chat let's run the billboard chart numbers and do the chart chats here are three of the biggest headlines on the charts at least in my opinion i up logic scores his second number one album in less than a year on the billboard two hundred start as its new mix tape bobby tarantino to debut atop the list the set vows one hundred nineteen thousand quivalent.

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