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Broke. I always, I always being recorded the day that that Doug was organizing his movers out of his house and studio is absolutely blank. So just so you just so you know, that was the day that you may not realize that, but that's the day that my my wife kicked me out. I don't I don't know. know. We're talking to Richard non guard about viral leadership. His book Vira leadership sees the power of now to create lasting transformation available on Amazon dot com. I got Richard here right now just to share a little bit of information about the book. Richard goal, Golan businesses to take the success of the moment, but to create something sustaining. So the book takes you through the four quadrants of our leadership, engaging viral teams and creating innovative ideas and getting ownership by and for those things all on a fundation of a culture of engagement and following that strategy businesses, whether it's solar preneurs or a large business than has the opportunity to really enlarge their footprint to be seen by more people to increase the opportunities that come their way and most of all to create happiness. What's really cool about the book every check it out goal setting versus intention saying the difference between those two I would. I was learning. I was. Goal setting all along why should probably have been intention setting. So the book covers that. How had you create opportunity? Is it directed as it caused? Is it organic? Where's that coming from and how to create a viral success really interested in that as well. Check out the book. The link will be in the show notes. IRA leadership sees the power of now to create lasting transformation. The nice guys on business podcast, the sport does the motor heads geeks, sluts, blood sway stories. Do we stick heads? They think their rights just dudes. Need an education on how to grow your business. The nice guys are here to help learn about great customer service networking and how just being nice can help you prosper. Now here all your host, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner. All right. Strike starts up again. Hey, welcome back. Welcome back fans. It is now Thursday in our time machine and we are back with our funk infants takeover. Once again with Virginia Muzquiz JJ full Zene Ali from Finland Janney Bellinger Tennessee, Tim, Paul Brown and now just jumping on Marcel as well. And, hey, Doug Sandler might and you Doug Sandler. Are you doing? Wait a minute. I don't know Marcel. How do I know Marcel? Why don't you go? Where did I say you Marcel Marceau. He's Marcel no relation to Paul Brown Marcel Brown, right. I was going to say you're, you're a good looking guy. What did you have another fair that you needed to pick up Marcel. He's my personal chauffeur. He's not an actual lift driver. Okay. I understand. Hey Marcel. Do you actually live. Doc fries up there. I'm trying to figure out how JJ and Doug are on the same internet connection. JJ didn't freeze up and Doug did. I'm not sure how that works. I don't know, because because I'm out at the pool, I have my own IP address out here at the pool. I see. I see you're asking where Sal, if he actually show Marceau introduce yourself. I do listen to the show now dishonoring should. So do you listen to money as in Friday interviews, or do you listen to Tuesday and Thursday fucker. Mostly Tuesday and Thursday. We then up when you go all week, but I have listened to some interviews exclude them. I just listened to my show. Virginia Muzquiz episode on Monday. Doug did an amazing. You're just as fast Monday with Virginia moose keys for those of you who are not sure. It was episode seven, twenty four. Go back and listen if you haven't yet. Hey, and we also have we also have Paulo Brown hair. We. She was the the the final guest tune in on Tuesday, so Paulo. He just wanted to give you a chance to introduce yourself, introduce yourself and why do exactly do you listen to the nice guys on business podcasts? Aside from your excellent interview also. Yeah, thanks for that. That was really a lot of fun. Lots of people enjoyed it. Yeah, I listened to Tuesday's mostly because that's more convenient for me and it just Tuesdays. And then I sometimes read the show notes like Jeanie, Jeanie, and I are brilliant readers. So I read the show notes from Thursday and some of the other days. But I just like to laugh

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