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Is charged with housing discrimination as the US department of housing and urban development claims the company's ad targeting system illegally allows advertisers to restrict who can view their housing. Ads. Facebook said in a statement at surprised by hud's decision as the company says it's been working with them to address their concerns. It says last year they eliminated thousands of ad targeting options that could potentially be misused. And it also says just last week. They reached an agreement with the national fair housing alliance ACLU and others to overhaul its ad targeting system to further prevent discrimination in housing credit and employment ads ABC's Mark Remillard, the president today. He hits the road this afternoon wasn't in Trump heads to Grand Rapids Michigan tonight for a campaign style rally. It's a familiar place for the president. His campaign says it is the eighteenth rally. He's held in Michigan and the sixth in Grand Rapids since he launched his race for the White House back in June two thousand fifteen the rally comes as the president tries to extend his victory lap after what he declared with a complete and total. Exoneration letter from attorney general William bars summarizing special counsel, Robert Muller's report, President Trump travels from Michigan to Florida to spend a long weekend in Palm Beach. Karen travers. ABC news, the White House, a former Yale soccer coach accused of taking bribes as in court today in Boston where he's expected to plead guilty Rudy merit. Meredith is facing possible jail time in has been ordered to forfeit nearly nine hundred thousand dollars that he received in it alleged. Bribes documents that Meredith personally met with the father of an applicant in a Boston hotel asking for four hundred fifty thousand for his child's acceptance in the Yale that meeting recorded by the FBI ABC's Johnson. Radio six ten WTVN sports, blue jackets and a wildcard fight tonight at nationwide Columbus in Montreal face off at seven CJ trail, the Canadians by two points for the second wildcard spot in the east. Sergei Bobrovsky says he's excited for the last six games. I'm not filled the pressure. So it's just one game at a time. Just try to embrace it and have fun. So atmospheric gets more more intense. And it's building gets more energized. And it's fun to be part of a blue jackets. Head to Nashville on Saturday opening day in baseball Yankees host the Orioles in a few minutes reds and pirates. Go in Cincinnati at four ten Louise Kostya will tell the rubber for the red legs. Cleveland Indians open on the road in Minnesota, tribe and twins. Go at four ten Corey kluber. We'll take them out for Cleveland. Both teams off on Friday. They'll resume respective weekend series on Saturday, I four games in the Sweet Sixteen tonight in the west and south regions, Florida state and Gonzaga at seven Purdue battles Tennessee at seven thirty Texas Tech plays Michigan at nine thirty Oregon in Virginia. The nightcap at ten from. The central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk. Eric, researchers radio six ten WTVN..

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