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Your host. Greg miller along side though rogue one at gary widow. Good morning how are you excellent. Gary how are you. i'm good. I'm good. I'm ready to go barrett. Obviously he was getting ready to. He had to stop us. We were in. The middle of podcast is being live. Because we're here talking about a different world in all of its different tangential really it was. It was really just a joke because we're talking about something that had nothing to do with game news and i was like god show. That's also what we talk about on the term we get into these really fascinating compensations. Someone has to remind us like this gold save. Save it for the podcast. Don't leave it backstage. So yeah vanity fair just posted an oral history of a different world. Which is a sitcom that i imagined is predates most of our listeners. But it does not predate. Imagine you you remember as well don't you greg. I was obsessed with the cosby show growing up and then into a different world because obviously a spinoff they sent over there but then least donate doesn't actually want to do it so she bounces but to keep the show going on. That was really banging opening theme song. It's a different different were tom. I'll tell you what and that's the thing is obviously of course Bill cosby is a complete fucking dirtbag and deserves a rotten jail but it also sucks on a very small minor part. Because i was so. I have such a insane amount of knowledge from watching reruns of cosby show in a different world that i would love to talk about the time but neither and talk about it because of course the cosby show i grew. We grew up on the cosby show. You can't run anymore right. They just off all the syndication anymore even if they did but a different one that god. They're for different world. Because you can watch that. I guess that's unsullied. I guess so. Yeah denise got not denise Lisa bonaire she got out of it so quickly. Like you have to worry about or whatever. I digress this year. We have so much video game news video game news popping off. Do you wanna do if you want to do. Different world than review. I will go through. Watch every episode of rank them with you. I'll absolutely do that with you. But we have to. We have to do full rendition member. When i made kevin sing the whole song from cats. Do the different world. It's a shot for shot. He make up the opening video that day. Because i was back home in cleveland and it was one of those days where i was like. I'm kind of glad that i'm not in the office today office today. It's kind of weird. Goodbye they're not. See the kind of funny smiley face in the window. right now. what men mallender. Someone's just living in. There is living in their weeks for lease sign up when i drove by one. Okay all right. Yeah but enough about that. Lots of video game news talk about. Let's talk about the fact that we're seeing the horizon forbidden west this week that there are more pre events that you can shake a controller at and that valve might be making a steam hand-held. We'll talk about all this and more because this is kind of funny games daily.

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