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Get it going. Everybody bryan alvarez here on wrestling observer live. We are here every day. Monday through friday noon pacific three eastern sunday's re pacific six eastern very busy last couple of days and yesterday. I said i am not going to be talking about unions after today. We to big long letter from a local board member sag. We'd rocky romero on talked about it and you know what a man of my word. I'm not gonna talk about it at all today unless of course somebody right-center calls in evaluate but getting back to normal here for a while at normal by the way is no unions in pro wrestling for the last one hundred thirty years and i honestly don't expect that to change but anyway tonight we got. Aws antics t. It's wednesday night and i'm flabbergasted to report. We have five matches well five segments at least that have been officially announce for today's edition of annexed t. So i've got a lineup for an t for you today and we also have of course the full lineup for a w tonight which is now got a lot more things for the the a w show but we're gonna preview both of those shows for tonight and then the news. We got raw ratings for monday night. And i don't really have prediction yesterday. Except that i thought that the third hour was going to do better obviously because of the championship match but some very interesting numbers came out yesterday afternoon. Right after the show went off the air and of course we also have the final for smackdown. I know makes people very very angry. But i do not tweet out the smackdown numbers on saturday and quite frankly if you're a wwe fan. You should be thankful for that because the saturday numbers are almost always lower than the final numbers that come out on tuesday. So i'll tell you how the tuesday show did as compared to monday was roman reigns right on smackdown when he says nobody watches raw. They're all watching smackdown. Well we will confirm or deny that statement here. In just a moment we've got ring of honor's pay per view coming up final..

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