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Off the corner, safety offensive line, defensive tackle, certainly the premium positions, the Cowboys going to be going after the rest of this draft, all right? That's, that's going to do it for the short abbreviated version of the Cowboys beat podcast. Just talk about Micah Parsons again. Overall, I'm a fan of pick from a standpoint of From a lot of different people. I've talked to you got the best defense to play this draft, okay? And you got the third bullet, third defense player off the board but but a lot of people think he's the best defense to put in this draft, similar to Isaiah Simmons, were the profile is a hybrid linebacker, Uber athletic great speed. Sideline-to-sideline questions about his ability to point of attack and strength there you know and then there's the off-the-field stuff but but ultimately the cowboy is I believe picked the best player on the board and that's what I asked them to do, that's what they did. I will be right back next week to recap the entire draft. Make sure to follow or subscribe to the podcast. If you have not yet already and give us a rating and then please please, please have to urge you all. Please tell a friend. Friend just one friend. I'm literally asking you to do that. Just tell one friend about this podcast each and every week I'm asking each and every one of you to tell one friend, your Cowboys fans you probably know more Cowboys fans. Just tell them check out the podcast. I'd very much appreciate that. I'm already Champion. You can follow me on Twitter at already Sports. Hope you enjoyed this episode. The abbreviated version talking about is the first overall pick 12th. Overall pick first round pick for the Cowboys and the piece that could be a focal point to their defense for many many years to come home. So Micah Parsons is the pic Factory cap second round and more in the next week. Now we're out in peace..

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