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I you know i don't know she turned into jeremy shop yeah they coulda had jeremy reside jeremy would have been good reading she should have just taken that exact scrip in handed it to tom rinaldi who is great guy is serious all right i've got some really big news some really great forget more winners we still alex no we have alex we're looking for are mondo mondo and santa clara earn torrance are mondo and you got to be caller number one if you are mondo in torrance eight seven seven seven ten he has no heating congratulations you won yesterday sorry you don't get your prize unless you call us back wash your number what a dumb ass all right hey by the way i'm world cup lot good about sunday you know why if greg wins he wins i will tell you next mason ireland espn la i as most people know world cup crazy into the world cup this year and seriously what are the odds you know there were like seven people in the world cup derby you picked him while you're in vacation you have people like shady and j and a bunch of other people were involved and somehow poor greg and i have wound up in the championship game or all the marbles for all the mythical money if i were to win this john i will be one hundred and seventy thousand dollars in mythical money up seventy what we start will be below one hundred i think you'll just be above one hundred via one hundred point four okay so that's why liz football season is iran just enough so sunday and i looked at the denning on what greg how much you have right now i have eighty six thousand five lose sixty six win visits critical for you to win if i win them in i if you lose i'm way way you're not gonna be betting much much not the even show i looked at the betting odds you know who the heavy favorite is talking about you're gonna get a pot from the left and to the right now i'm going to win the whole mythical pot of money i hope pod mas out there what's that help pa is out there no pot bub the best friend also blood imbaba now is better than by don't but people think oh imbaba was really don't think so no i'm bob as like fifteen years old i know but he's the one that goes streak and towards the net all the time yeah bet is the best athlete in the league thank you do yeah he's like he's freakishly fast he scores goals with his head with his feet all the promos they're only promoting imbaba because he had two goals in his first game i think okay god i won the golden boot no is in harry kane gonna win the golden but i don't know he's got six right he finished with if bob as scores and they win it maybe he went yeah he might winnable and i might win forty thousand mythical dollars you know i i said to greg today first of all i got i got here really late and i did not do a lot of prep for the show excellent but i was i was looking at the very latest on manny machado and i wanted to throw something in that i haven't heard anybody say i did some research and what i.

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