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In the six but they were Yeah. Western Division Finals. What? That doesn't make any sense. Whether the ST Louis Hawks they played in a bunch. But really in our sort of in our waking lifetime. Probably they one time 2015. That's it. Yeah. What is the Western Division finals? I don't know what that is, But, yeah, they've had some semis Now. Dominique got to the Eastern Conference semis three years in a row. 86 87 88 with Mike Fratello coach And I will say I like to Nate McMillan story a lot, and I like him a lot. I think he is a It's just a great story. See, he's obviously done a great job. Players are responding to this guy. I mean, you pretty much got to give him the gig. Now. How do not give Nate McMillan the game? Hey, thanks for the ride. Do you're out? They're going to have to reward this guy and let him up. Put him in place as a head coach. But the Hawks just have this next. Dude, they survived. They they just they're not rattled. This team does not get rattled. I mean, clearly they can win game sevens on the road. They close out the Knicks in Madison Square Garden, so they'll go into a hostile environment and win. I just don't know if they can compete with the bucks. I don't know. I think they can interesting Definitely they can, especially with Kevin hurt her out of Albany, Albany. Uh, then the late sixties, they would make the division the conference finals. I C. I can't help you with the late then it was only a two round deal. They had to win one round to get to the finals, but they lost the Lakers and 70. Many fewer teams backed basically in the last. What the last 50 years. The one trun? Yeah, and it was one that's happened during. We don't remember. Forgot it. No, I really don't remember the series way. Gigantes Basketball golf. Jon Rahm went in the U. S open, and, uh, just to fill Liberty in shouted to copes. He wins the pool because he took John Graham with his first pick. And showed it to you for outlasting me because all three year players made the cut. I had a guy missed the cut. Therefore, I Got to get the bomb. It's still a win for you, too. I mean, it's a win for everybody involved. That's what I feel like tomorrow at this time, Dude, you'll be. You'll have your your hands on an old fashioned. I can't After the way yesterday, it's gonna be hard to resist. Did I leave out the fried chicken for lunch to the left that out until now? Jesus, man, Eggs Benedict still fried chicken? There is so much on a Sunday. You're full on Monday. Yes, 100%. I've been there. You're like, not even hungry The next day, right there with you Have a good feeling right.

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