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Sunday this morning the house may be ready to take up legislation as early as this week and oregon state senator has been stripped of his committee assignments because of ongoing workplace issues sorted president peter courtney took the action fraud against republican senator jeff crews discipline courtney described as unprecedented the blue takes away cruises ability to introduce an influence legislation the sanctions come days after democratic senator sara gilbert of corvallis posted on twitter that she had been subject to inappropriate touching by at least one set of republican crew set an email the inappropriate behaviour i completely categorically deny patrick false reporting president trump called him a trader the fate of bo bergvall rest and a judge's hands now that the army start his pled guilty to desertion after leaving his post in afghanistan in two thousand nine sentencing for berg dole starts monday at fort bragg urged all in a recent interview says he trust the taliban more than the us army and justin timberlake will perform during halftime of the super bowl on february fourth is this town hall news uh i'm sure that every one of you understands the importance of oral care to your overall health there's no denying the connection i'm also sure that many of you have a sensitive mouth or sensitive gums were painful canker sores or sadly maybe even chemo source for cancer treatment what you may not know is that your mouthwash especially if it's one of the brands that burns may be making things worse you should try non irritating alcohol free closys oral rinse that's c l o s y s closys is like first aid for your mouth it's as gentle as water but it helps relieve common but uncomfortable even painful issues in your mouth.

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