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Okay it helps it helps with with anxiety helps stress helps keep my body at ease helps with my mind helps me think actually so so yeah that's that's that's what i that's the medicine that i took after that before that i never never really took right did you watch american ma like you watch you watch bill tour i do i do some of it not not everything but when when when it's around something's on i i watched it i mean i got i got guys that who fight pay attention to them you know yeah how do you feel about the state of mma these days it's great it's grown it's it's giving is a lot of upper tunities that i mean we're going to mix of being professional athletes you know so it's not just joe schmo you know do you own a single sports illustrated with your with your with your face on it you have one in your possession like you know if i asked you for one do you know where to get it area you asked me this before yeah it said to you that my my mom probably does but i it's been awhile since i asked you that i wanted to know if maybe you went and actually got it and keep it with you no i don't you want nothing to do with that i'm honored the thing is i was i'm grateful for anything good that happens to me but it's not i feel like i accomplished anything with that if that makes sense.

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