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The. After. The eagles won the Super Bowl. We said oh my gosh. They didn't even do it with their number one guy. Carson Wentz is coming back. I think Carson Wentz is struggling with that. I think he is. And we'll see what the addition of golden Tate does for him. If they he just needed extra weapon. But I still like Carson Wentz a lot. I have them at number four at number three. I have Sam darnold. Why said that Josh Rosen would be the most pro ready quarterback in this past draft. I said that over time. Sam darnold would be the best. And I look at Sam darnold, and I say he is a franchise quarterback. He's the he is a guy that can lead the jets for the next decade and turn that franchise around. I've darnold that number three. At number two. I have. So don't call me a Homer, Patrick Mahomes. I have Patrick Mahomes, and it's not because of any negative against Patrick Mahomes. It is because of who I haven't number one to Shawn Watson. Look, what company Patrick Mahomes is keeping with the way that he has started his career one of the guys started his career in a similar way to Patrick Mahomes in terms of being prolific throwing touchdown passes. Just Shawn Watson. We forget that. He was sensational to start his career. And then he got hurt. And now, he's working his way back. Now, he has another weapon in Damaris Thomas. I told the story a few times now of how wheels text me. I was calling volleyball game wasn't really paying attention to the draft kind of had it on my phone, but not looking and I got a text from wheels saying the chiefs traded up, and I and I immediately looked to see who I've been drafted before DeShaun Watson wasn't. And I started freaking out because just Shawn Watson was my guy that was the guy going into this draft. I said if the chiefs can get a quarterback, it's gotta be dishonor Watson. Now, Patrick Mahomes has certainly proved that he's going to be a great quarterback in this league. But does Shawn Watson did what Patrick Mahomes is doing last year. And now he's getting more and more healthy as the season goes on the Texans are starting to pick it up. And as I said has the addition of Damaris Thomas now, so does Shawn Watson would be my number one pick. If we combine the first round QB's for the last three years. I welcome your thoughts on it. Two eight six zero zero four six you take the three. The last three years the quarterbacks taken in the first round who's your number one pick two eight six zero zero four six we will get to your thoughts on that. After we take a look at your Thursday.

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