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Be the same guy other teams clearly understand that but those guys are hard define as specially when golden state has figured that out and the guys they have to kind of guys you need yeah i mean you you gotta shaun livingston who how many teams could start for right now how many teams have shaun livingston you know in that six man rotation their whole lot of teams out there that would have shaun livingston in that position we'll think about this is shaun livingston had he not had the horrific injury in a generational player he was so special outta high school and then it gets hurt it's amazing what he's been able to do if you get quiet philly what you're saying is ben simmons joel embiid colli leonard and we'll figure out the rest is that group is that trio good enough for you to say we'll just figure out the rest even in the east with the healthy boston team lebron team possibly with cleveland i don't know my other question is freddie i gotta bake man who i hope you play sixty games he might play thirty i mean that's analysis ben simmons and quiet letter that philly team needs it supporting cast more than any other contender in the east because of embiid his injury situation in his history and you don't know how much you're gonna get from him now you're gonna bring in a guy who played nine games didn't have surgery and we don't even know if he's healthy that's a huge risk of your philly injury risk when it comes to your guys and to your point about joel embiid you're always going to hold your breath you're philadelphia had especially because talk about managing a player that's what they have to do and joel embiid does not want to be managed to the point where he does not want to be on the basketball court if he believes he's healthy and he knows he's healthy in his mind we heard about it during the miami series where he was tied at blank he didn't it wasn't an anonymous source that said it from the embiid's mouth he basically said i'm tired of this blank i wanna be out there playing what happened he was back on the basketball court the next game in that series versus miami i understand philadelphia has the gauge that but how much trust you going to having your players that you can't overwork them or especially the big men having an injury i go back to yell ming y'all mean kept going out there before he was ready and he's in the hall of fame but he would have been so much greater had he been able to realize his body restraint in houston had been able to realize that that is something that has to be in the mind of the organization in philadelphia they don't need burner accounts of figure that out they know exactly what they have in joel embiid we just saw maree statham my stoudamire plan in the big three cubes league and that was the guy if you talk about healthy amari before the knee andrews you talk about one of the best players i've talked to coaches who think he's responsible for the pick and pop pick and roll game that we saw in phoenix we're now seeing the houston and other places he was such an essential player then he got hurt i don't know what's wrong with the spurs don't know i mean no one seems to know what's wrong with this great athlete and you're gonna add them to affiliate team that doesn't know what you're going to get out of embiid if everyone's healthy on that team though freddie and they can hold onto some of those pieces and vincent oh that's an intriguing group intriguing group but you still got to go through boston which is going to get better where is it going to be healthy the east healthy is gonna be really interesting next season so again lebron's not gonna change league wherever he goes i don't think change the east just because he goes to philly but i'm intrigued by i'm from i've been the firm belief when the whole thing became public with leonard that he wants to brand his name and make his name bigger and he knows that that's never going to happen to san antonio it's either la or free agency going to l a he's already made up his mind everybody knows it but now what are the spurs or anybody else going to do about that if the brian james the size the state in.

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