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But i'm also open to new things to be so one of the things i love about jersey as opposed to any of the other housewives franchise well aside from being jersey. Tally girl myself. Is i love to see all cooking and i've heard you refer to it as sauce and not gravy so is that your stands at sauce. Stance is okay. See this is a jersey thing where some people call sauce like more even more old school. Then dolores or myself. It's like my grandma from italy would call it. Gravy sunday gravy right. Yeah hoste soft. Yeah yeah if you're is. What do you put on mashed potatoes. That's what i say. Mother from italy wasn't eating mashed potato right graveyard that made me now. She like gravy is like something you'd put on steak or it's browns may right right so yes i need sauce. Have you been doing a lot of cooking and quarantine. I done some meal because they wanna stay little tonight. I'm going to start doing the ac gw diet again with seven hundred calories so hundred to seven hundred a day. Yeah so what do you eat today. I'll be starving you e no sugar. No arbs You have to wait out like six ounce of this or success like me or fish has to be certain kinds of lean fish. Lean me things like that. have done it before. Thirty pounds thirty days in jackson's every day. Wow yeah usually house center for that. So i'm ready to do that again. How long reunion so do you or thirty day longer. You cannot do along the guy. Otherwise in your body is used to it yeah it's actually a hormone that makes you think your body gets annette. So yeah okay. You said h c g and i remember having to check my h. Cg levels every week ten weeks my pregnancy right so what happens is if you go off that diet even a little bit like if i one cookie tomorrow if i started diets man. I ate one cookie tomorrow. Atallah tim cookie. Iky gained three pounds very strict diet. But it's doable. And george warranty in. We did cook a lot during quarantine. I gained a lot of way. This was back when and then also. I got kobe at the end of january. And i was home by myself for fifteen days. So what do you do you. E- right yeah. I was sick. Don't get me wrong but it was more of a cold set. It wasn't like a stomach. Sick so i was by myself. It's really hard moment. You don't realize how many how the world can be so lonely when you have no human contact for fifteen days in the house by yourself. Yeah my sister. Had it around thanksgiving and none of us could obviously be around her so she went to my house in palm springs and she took her dog but she was there for two weeks by herself. And if didn't have her dog she would of went crazy. I wouldn't mind racing. yeah well. I'm glad you're doing ok now. You look fucking fantastic. I can't wait to see all of your new interview. Looks this season the rest of the season. Yeah just finished one. Today are repeated. Thank one dress. I love that luck you a seriously. You're instagram has been so on fire. Like i just comment gorge and fire them. Everything you say. And then i'll see like brock like looking at it and he's like did you say i'm like yeah right there. Yes no you are looking the best you've ever looked just like that's something to look forward to because it's like i mean i'm going to be thirty six you know and i'm like okay. I could still look this good at fifty like i got time. You're gonna look better than me. I have been eating mcdonalds and disliked balking potato chips in debt for like ever and that didn't work out living with frank italian. Little frank gabby vegan. They've been on my back a lot about health mom. Why don't you go to the gym. And it was just never really my thing. Although i don sporadically here and there and You don't eat. Like i use sheena so you're way ahead of the game. I'm eating a little more suites. I've noticed being pregnant. My mom pointed out the other day. She's like you've never used to eat pie. And i was like well also never dated someone who made pie from scratch at home. Oh he's such the shaft the baker he literally doesn't also. I'm like i mean i've put on over like forty pounds. I think i'm pregnant. Obviously so i have a reason to gain weight. But i'm like is it that i'm just eating extra because i have such a good cook who i live with. I try to stay as healthy as possible but also my keno fuck it. What's another piece of pie gonna do exactly. It's even harder because we have the best pizza. The best bagels. she's vegan. We can't get that out here getting good vegan pizza on top of that in california's just near impossible. Even bother edith. So i love to go out to. The restaurants were closed here for a long time. New york restaurants are now or been. Yeah say feels like things are slowly starting to get back to normal slowly but surely yeah but you guys are things opening. Yeah yeah indoor dining just opened again. So that's nice. Wow good yeah so back. Open pump back open next. It'll be tom. Tom and yeah thankfully. I don't have to get back to sir by thank you so much for so here was so good to see you and talk to you. Do you have anything else. Jamie i just wanna meet you next time. I come back to me yes. I can't wait. I want to go back so bad. I'm just like i miss new york. I miss jersey. I miss east coast. I this is the longest and the last decade. That i haven't been on the east coast. Same yeah he lives guys in so long. As matter of fact. I gotta make some calls when i get off the phone with you and check on my l. a. friends. Yeah but i'm ju we'll let us know when you come out you if you do let us know i definitely definitely will thank you so much. This was a pleasure you is and you guys. Do not mess a new episodes of real housewives of new jersey every wednesday night on bravo. Thank you want with the baby. Angrier.

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