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They had to make up their own mind. Do I continue living ally over? Do I believe the truth and turn my life around? So that's why I say I planted the seed. I nourished it, and they converted or convinced themselves. You, said something that I think goes right to the heart of finding common ground, which is the people that you spoke to the racists who who you talk to had never had a discussion with a black person. They only had a debate about black people or confrontation with right, and so how important is! Conversation discussions finding common ground. Is, absolutely important and the common ground. Is this all right? Do you look for things that you have in common for example? I know neither one of you to be involved in white supremacist groups, but if I would ask either one of you. Do you believe that we need better education for kids? You would say yes. Do you believe that we need to address the drug problem on the streets? Even say yes well guess what they believe the same thing so now you've got something in common with the plan. So, we may not agree on racial things, but I find things that we have in common drugs do not discriminate. They will take anybody out just like this coronavirus covid nineteen. It doesn't care if you're a clansman, not see a black person the Muslim a gay a Jew, whatever it will take you out. All right so you find these things in common and discuss them and let them see they begin seeing the humanity in you when to enemies are talking conversing. They're not fighting. They're talking. They may be yelling and screaming, perhaps at some points, but at least they're talking is when the conversation ceases that the ground becomes fertile for violence, we're speaking with Daryl Davis on. Let's find common ground. I'm Ashley I'm Richard More in a minute? This is a special episode of. How do we fix it I'm? Richard Davies Jim plan to be back next week. With a new show on innovation with author.

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