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All right tell us thirty two minutes after the hour elected president elect sure he'll superstates wyde one or one point one third eve our newest football we know we got aqaba coming up at the bottom of the hour with sports you a beat over warner gay yes lord again allows lousy where they want is weekly to him y they do anwar right now the millennium took on costa care alone than they won that one score thirty two twenty three okay but i gotta ask act how you bullet h how your team you'll alma mater door oh the boy well you know i go home with the top five according to the ap right rise with our cobras i'm not going to talk about obama stay a medal we're going to let them do their thing okay are they doing they yes okay the bayonet who obey i might add margin horn ask all right darko about asserted there we got over hillary clinton oh she got a new book sea taken no canned of let me say this you know cannot i get to pick momentum you could just say that about hillary there i have because i'm a i'm a have a robot all that's okay and before you know we'd moved out to a whole nother block italian them because they they can we drama that left the but as of now about hillary whitney being he should've tells the topic on a saturday that unilateral vita by the arabic ici said no blank but nothing nothing in any way are we talking about a day jemayal he'll g il ira yes she is now a cnn host because she's covering stories that a lot of people say she should be covering she should be covering it now if you don't know jemayal helias she was actually she's actually work espn as you used to do a a show with michael call he hasn't hers they got their own time show now espn as if gluck she may some statements about president trump that we're going to talk about is she the made national news now and she's pushing back so we're gonna talk about it today and also right now are that happened yesterday friday in louisville give the inla in st louis protests um in a i'm a little tired of this but it keeps coming up and the problem that i have with this before.

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