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Doughty yes put you in their mind because mike okay really trust by joining on your roof blackened wick to charney forgotten i can't really trust joey show got damaged ronin this is detroit's number one hit music station channel nine five five you're on the move in theaters this weekend tag the movie but you guys are grown men playing tag is actually based on a true story there's a scene where we crash a funeral and tag ed's character while he's burying his dad they did that giving a baby and they do that i believe they did that so we use some of this stuff they did and then you know hollywood it up a lot of the other stuff how crazy it was this filming this movie it just felt fun i mean we were having a great time sometimes a movies a grind it's a lot of hard work long hours but but sometimes movies just feel like play in this one was this one was like that it was just goofing around thanks a lot gentlemen tag in movie theaters this is on the move within beka centers it's hot out summertime and if you love watermelon then you're going to love taco bells newest drink watermelon freeze this freeze has delicious candy seeds mixed into it so it looks and tastes like a watermelon you should go check it out.

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