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Services at eleven this morning time for Diana Gibson at new Saint Paul missionary church in Warren, the sixteen year old stabbed in the chance with a steak knife last Wednesday morning at FitzGerald high seventeen-year-old today. Louis arraigned Friday on first degree murder held without bond. Police have said there was animosity between the two students over a boy the prosecutor saying this is the first ever homicide took place inside McComb county school. The victim's family has hired a law firm for separate investigation. Live and local Ron Dewey, WW J NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time is six twelve massive flooding still in the Carolinas from hurricane Florence and now in northern Michigan teen is helping because she says she knows what tough times are like her story. Live and local from WW J NewsRadio nine fifties. Beth Fisher Pellston, high school senior Tiffany Foxman has organized a collection at Pellston high school and middle school for those affected by the hurricane. She has empathy for the victims because she's been there. I've been homeless a couple of times, which it doesn't feel great. And when I was younger my house burned down. I know what it feels like to lose everything. Your house than I just feel like people have been through more tougher times. I have help us. We just helped oil bit that collection of non perishable food toiletries and pet items. Runs through September twenty eighth. Reporting. Live Beth Fisher WW jank. Newsradio nine fifty WGN. News time six thirteen Detroit is home to a plumbing pioneer WWE city. Reporter Thomas explains trian Bennett is the country's first African American woman master plumber. She's now president and CEO of Ben Cari, mechanical based on mcnichols here in Detroit. Jimmy carter. Get out the vote rally.

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