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Hearings I'm Jennifer Jones Lee live from the KFI twenty four hour news room to security aides to listen in on a key presidential phone call or on Capitol Hill testifying for the house impeachment inquiry vice presidential aide Jennifer Williams told the intelligence committee she found a phone call in July between president trump and the Ukrainian president unusual because in contrast to other presidential calls I had observed it involved discussion of what appeared to be a domestic political matter Williams says she was aware of the White House withholding of military aid to Ukraine but she says she wasn't told why the White House restored the aid after about two months Democrats claim the president use the money to try and pressure Ukraine into politically motivated investigations trump says there was no quid pro quo state leaders have accused jul of hooking teams on E. cigarettes a lawsuit accuses the Beiping company of delivering E. cigarettes to people younger than twenty one state Attorney General have your biz Serra says vaping rates in high school have doubled since jul got into business jul failed to warn consumers of their exposure to chemicals linked to cancer birth defects and other health harms health officials say about ten percent of high school students in LA county smoky cigarettes and rolling back KFI news an anonymous woman in LA has to Jeffrey absences state over trafficking and sexual abuse claims the thirty one year old woman says Eckstine rape during his massive compound in New Mexico when she was fifteen just because I've seen his dad does not mean that others around him don't deserve their day in court as well this is not over that's why she says she came forward and why she's now suing his estate the woman's attorney Gloria Allred says those who witnessed the abuse are just as culpable it's not something that anyone should close their eyes to these are somebody's children already also urge other survivors to speak out the late billionaire died in jail back in August Monica Rick scale Vinoodh these those seated press says to prison guards responsible for watching Jeffrey abstain when he took his own life expected to face criminal charges they allegedly falsified prison records to show they checked on abstain every half hour as they were supposed to have seen died in August while awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing and trafficking teen girls a ranger in Colorado's been convicted of first degree murder and sentenced for using a bat to beat his fiance to death than burning or body after crazy was sentenced yesterday to life without the possibility of parole plus one hundred fifty six years ABC's Clayton St Dallas as crazy was also found guilty of tampering with a deceased body and solicitation the prosecution's final witness one of Fraser's fellow inmates in county jail who claims phrase he asked for his help to kill all of the witnesses who were set to testify against him phase easy on C. tell it give fiancee tells the Barrett was last seen shopping with the couple's daughter on thanksgiving and the American urological association says November is bladder health awareness month Dr Reena Malick says healthy bladder is under rated until bladder issues disrupt daily life they could have a real impact on our quality of life we can have problems physically psychologically sexually and it could be read that quite costly for needing to buy incontinence products and things like that the doctor said many bladder issues can be alleviated at home overly frequent urges to go could be caused by your tunes like caffeine acidic foods and artificial sweeteners dehydration can also cause irritation meaning drinking tool that all can actually increase.

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