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From n._p._r. news i'm michelle martin we're going to focus our entire program on one subject today president trump's relationship with russia and flat amir putin and we know we're taking a bit of a risk here we know some people may think they've heard enough about it we know some may think this is partisan we know some major say this is the weekend i want to hear about the movies or other fun topics we're going to go back to other stories tomorrow including new movie we think you want to hear about but at the end of what may be one of the most consequential weeks of this presidency what may be one of the most consequential for u._s. diplomacy in decades we feel it's important to take a look back to take stock of what we know and what we don't yet know about what happened and why so let's do a quick review let's start on monday when president trump appeared with vladimir putin to face the media after a two hour meeting staffed only by their interpreters now remember this is just days after twelve russian military intelligence officers were indicted by u._s. grand jury For their role in stealing and disseminating information from, political targets during the two thousand sixteen election Putin denied it. And a joint press conference after the summit President Trump was. Asked who he believed Hooton or US intelligence. My first question for you, sir is who do. You believe by second question is would you now with the. Whole world watching tell President Putin would you denounce, what happened in. Two thousand sixteen warned him to never, do it again so let me just say that we have to thoughts you have groups that, are wondering why the FBI never took the server why haven't they take. The server why was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee I've been wondering that I've been asking that for months and. Months and I've been tweeting it. Out and calling it out on social media where is the server I want to know where is the server and what is the server. Saying, with that being said all I can do is ask the question my people came to me Dan coach came. To me and some others they? Said they think it's Russia I have President Putin he just said it's not? Russia I will say this I don't see any reason why it, would be after nearly twenty four hours of criticism President Trump said he. Misspoke it should have been obvious I would be obvious but I, would like to fly just in case it was an, accused sentenced in my remarks I said the. Word would instead of wooden The sentence should. Have been I don't see. Any reason why would why. Get wouldn't rush the, next day in a cabinet meeting at the White House the president was asked if Russia is. Still targeting the US still targeting after president The president, was overheard saying no and press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked later to clarify that Ask the president. Is. Russia's still targeting US she said no So the president actually believes the question and his, his physician the rush is not doing anything to interfere metal the twenty dealer's chancellor speaking, with the president after, his comments, and the president was said thank you very much say.

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