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And we appreciate your time as always Rick data anything wins tonight, when's the series ice. I'm saying Toronto. I I just think homecourt advantage. I don't know the health, even if Durant and or clay play tonight. I just don't know how healthy they're going to be. And I don't know. I just get a weird feeling that we've forgotten about Toronto, the entire playoffs and here they are. And then you kind of look up and you go, oh my gosh. You know what? They're pretty good team. Not only that good. I think that the health of it all is going to make is going to be the difference maker in this. When we won three games, we went through champs in a row when you play into June, like the warriors of announcing for the fifth straight year to tack that Huck physically town, the body. We're seeing happy. What actually happened to our team in our forth, run to a championship didn't make I pop attended by foot. Kobe was hurt. Robert ory got her shack got her you fall apart. And they physically by frankly, are all kind of wears of planet June for five years in a row is catching up with if you had your life on the line, and you can have already take the shot or Kobe take the shot. Is a shot that an absorbed, putting grandma's around? Does he have to create a shot himself now or No, no? no. He doesn't have to create a shot because that would be easy to. You would take Kobe there. So spot up three game. Your life is hangs in the balance Robert ory Oreo or Kobayashi. Robert ory Oreo, every time all really every time, okay? All right. You're going to hear from Kobe. Got to create it. Get it off goes. Oh, yeah. They definitely that. Hey Rick, thank you. Good luck, and always great to catch up with you. Thanks. That's Rick Fox, I told you some stories you know, the fact that Koby gets on the bus after a preseason game and says, I think I could've gotten Seventy-three like what and shack always loved to do that, that he would just come out in his shoes and nothing else on, and he run on the floor and practice in any start telling. Paulie didn't use the bathroom next to shack one time. Yeah. Last year at urinal and, you know, I got the bad left. I I just I told us on air before. Guys, we were all together at some party Kim. Or what party we got to go, drew premier premiere and I go to the bathroom. There's two urinals. I'm on the right urinal. I can't see much out of my left eye. But I could see a tall guy, went into the urinal next to me. There's a lot of tall guys at his party drew party line any players, and I don't really notice anything and then the door swings open, and I hear paulie for whatever you do don't look to your left, and it was Reggie Miller. And I, of course, I looked to my left and their shack urinating. Don't look down. You'll never recover from it. And I'm laughing shack laughing and I did not look down to my left if you miss any of our celebrity interviews this week from the Mercedes AM, man cave. Go to the Dan Patrick show app where you could watch and listen from inside the Mercedes G men, Cape..

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