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Everyone from public radio. This is political breakdown Marie so Lago. I'm Scott Shafer today on the breakdown. We sit down with a guy known on Twitter as the bearded wonder we're going to ask him about that. He is a member of a minority group a Republican in cal- specially in the bay area mat-su help Ranjan Cox's race for governor. He has already cracking app, which is a good sign. He's had his hands and many other GOP dealings did indeed we're gonna talk to you about going up against the big blue. And I'm not talking about IBM talking about California Democratic. And what's next for Republicans in California? Now, they've officially lost seven congressional seats. We will talk with them about all those things. And then that's news because this week the last congressional race in California was called you might feel like the election was eight years ago. This is the race. It had been called for the other guy right for David down around Hanford, Fresno kings county to Larry say speak district is a big district straddles. I five t Jaycox democrat pulled out a kind of surprise victory. And it's not I mean now, it seems like not a huge surprise because Democrats picked up seven congressional seats. But that was kind of one of the districts that the Democrats had downplayed it under the radar. Well, although, you know, they'll say, no, we didn't we spend one and a half million bucks. But. You know? Yeah. It was not say like ISIS seat that we really anticipated that dams would pick up, but it was the last of seven and. The nut processor won the race. I think is an interesting one because in a way you would have expected this to be one of the big targets for Democrats. David valejo was in a district for many years that had a democratic registration advantage. He's still you double digits. Hillary Clinton wanted at one of those. And so, you know, this is a Cox, I guess I'll have to do some some catching absence. Everybody has already been in DC getting their pictures taken us back. We actually tried to get him on tonight at the top for a few minutes. But he is back in DC have had dinner. I believe with Steny Hoyer. I think I can say that did he make the Pelosi vote is the question. I doubt it right? Because this all happened. No, I'm sure. no, no. I'm sure he has now said he's going to support the hope speaker hopeful Nancy Pelosi, and that's a good transition to her. She's at a pretty good week. I'd say she got the nomination from her caucus about fifteen votes. Short of the two eighteen she needs in January, but you know, that was a secret ballot. So I'm sure there were perhaps some people who were emboldened not to vote for her. But who may when the time comes in the light of day decided to go with her. In fact, she has a couple of weeks, obviously until that vote on the floor in January, and it has been an interesting to watch sort of the what we can see of the mackinac in terms of, you know, something that she's facing that I think you saw Republicans last year Republicans beakers really deal with which was the different wings of their party. And how do you make in her case the left more progressive younger wing happy while still keeping some of those kind of blue dog more moderate Democrats in their campaign. It's funny because we've been hearing so much about the progressives. I actually think the more moderate. Dem's who won red districts are the harder sulfur. Yeah. Well, those and also people like Seth Moulton in Massachusetts who knocked off more progressive democrat and other democrat beat the democrat in the primary, but yeah, I mean, that's really what she's done. So well, though in the past is to keep that very fractious caucus together. But when you've got freshman coming in with big ideas and big plans and the thought of pushing back against the machine there has to be some reckoning somewhere. Yes. And I know that she did not want to make any promises about like a timeline. And when we spoke with her in August. She talked about being a transitional figure on building a bridge and going to be a long transition. I don't I don't expect her to transition anywhere at least before twenty twenty. But. I mean, I think a lot depends on the twenty twenty presidential election. Also, you may recall she said that if Hillary Clinton had won she was going to retire. Now who knows if that really would have happened, you know, and I think she's once you have climbed to that level as Dianne Feinstein has. And you're a woman a lot not a lot of women get to that level. They want to kind of go away on their own terms. I don't think they want to be told to all your, you know, we need some new fresh faces. And I think probably a lot of members of your caucus respect that. Yeah. And I think what her supporters would say is that Republicans attacking us. The worst reason Trump said sitting round up a few votes. All say that in the back closer to home. The we had some drama. I guess you could call it in the California Democratic party chairman. Eric Baumann stepped down Thursday after sort of a couple days of dripping out of some sexual harassment allegations against him some which would actually come up during the very contentious party fight. What was that on? A twenty seventeen I think. Yeah. He is out. He was initially gonna take that step which we've seen a lot of politicians take taking a leave of absence to get some treatment for alcohol abuse. But there was a growing crescendo of people. I think Gavin Newsom the governor elect saying today that he wanted him to resign. And I think Betty Ye the controller in a number of others. I think the writing was clearly on the wall. But you have to think that there is some I mean, a he was not very smart to do some of the things he allegedly did. But you know, there's gotta be some remnants. I think of that really bitter fight with Kimberly Alice who he ran against for chair last year. And you know, I'm sure there's a number of people in the party who were not sorry to see him fall. Now. I mean, you do wonder this came out, obviously after the election there as I mentioned there had been some whispers of it prior to two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen and I will say one thing that is interesting about this as he and others within the party were very outspoken when the sort of metoo moment movement swept through at the end of last year. Zero tolerance. Right. And so so that's one thing which is like the apparent hypocrisy. But then also he's gay, and this is the first really big like high profile political LGBT kind of metoo movement. We've seen in California. And I think that you know, there was growing acknowledgment this week that it was not going to work out for him. And then, of course, the LA times, Melanie Mason who's done a lot of these stories over the past year and a half came out with you know, the first kind of official accounting of some of these allegations. And I think one of the males in the coffin to is when rigs Zuber who's the head of quality, California, the LGBT group in California call for him to step down as well. And that was just one of several, but I think that one probably hit pretty close to home for. All right. Well, we will see what's next. We're not gonna talk about the Democratic Party. We're gonna talk about the Republican party. And after this short break, we will be joined by GOP political consultant match shoop. You're listening to political breakdown from K Q E public radio. Support for kqed comes from Comcast. 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