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I'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show the bureau chief of breitbart jerusalem to follow two gigantic stories we will begin with these saturday night israeli time attack by iranian warfighters against the state of israel the story that we have here in the united states and erin will help me on the details from israel is that an iranian drone a reverse engineered from a fallen us drone once upon a time anarchy 170 sentinel watched by the israeli air defenses crossed from syria into israel immediately the iaaf responded with a rotary winged aircraft that brought down the drone at that point what we had he is a cascade of escalating events the israelis responded the iranians responded the israelis are spotted the iranians responded and the syrians got involved at some point when f sixteen warplanes crossing into syria and according to ronen bergman a reporter and author for israel writing the new york times there been more than one hundred of these incidents since the syrian civil war started so there is nothing irregular here with israeli warplanes crossing into syria to deal with threats from uh the variety the which is brew of elements working if four and against everyone in syria but they crossed into it to take care of the iranian threat there was then a response from an air defence team using as two hundred were told which are an older kind of russian antiaircraft missile against the f sixteen's all one escaped the other one was brought down by it explodes nearby by and disrupts the ability of the aircraft to stay aloft it crashed in israel the two pilots bailed out one was gravely injured that's the story we have here however i will end with this at some point in the in the escalating violence overnight saturday night blatter of putin the president of russia called bibi netanyahu the prime minister of israel to say in some fashion turn it off don't go any farther because russians or russians deployed into syria or at risk in some fashion there was an exchange between these two world leaders i'll stop there because aaron's here to help us with these events and also the story since saturday night israeli time erin a very good evening good morning to you in.

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