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Thie Armstrong and getting show bythe who's the best guitar player in the world is a stupid conversation. I'm willing to engage in it, but you know, it's there are no right or wrong answers to this. Yeah, I really prefer the whole top tier idea. Yeah. Who is among the best on there so many styles. I mean, who's the greatest guitar player in the world to play on Willie Nelson songs? Wiliest. I don't get you people who admire gymnastics or physical dexterity over music. But that's fine. You get to do it, however you want sure you admire which admire Ah I clearly left the Genki The Get the gecko Tank open last night when I fed the Geck Geck own called his name is Jacky. The animal is a gecko. Yes. Some high I think he's out. He got out. Oh, so when I gave him his crickets last night, it must not have closed the door. And so he got out so somewhere? You don't have indoor cats, do you? Well, your cancer rattlers. Ah, The cat has lead in now and then we have two pugs in the house. I told my wife I said, you got to get the dogs out. I say that's number one. That way. We don't lend badly. Yeah, I ever tell you about the time we can't set for my my parents, dear friend, and you sat on a cat? No, we we We We tended to the cat. And and it got into my sister's room or her guinea pig resided. Oh, my God. The guinea pig on Lee lost. Its head. Oh, that's terrible. I don't think that's funny. I was just shocked by your story. I try and I don't mean it became emotionally unglued. No more literal. Tracked with you, Jo. Yeah. Okay. Sorry. How old was your sister at the time Does that make I'm guessing 12. Yeah, See, that's the thing is I just Maybe 10. I didn't know what were we put downs me. She knows the date. We put down our big dog a couple of weeks ago, and Henry was upset over that. And if I'd let horse gecko die That is not going to be a good parenting. Move right there. How back? Did I leave the door Open? Put the crickets in there and forgot the latch it. I guess I think if I don't I don't. I left it open on, but by his pride close, But he pushed it open because it wasn't latched power. Why is it trying to escape? I gave him a whole bunch of crickets. I think there's nothing on the outside. You're not getting on the inside. You gotta heated rock. He doesn't know that you got crickets. You got a heated rock. It doesn't get any better. The crickets always juicier on the other side of the glasses, they say, I think helped the family move on their auto. Probably be a trial, a liability Trust. And I would be more than delighted to service Judge Child Jimena punishment of some sort. Needless to say, do all gecko's look alike. If that species is thinking about the old switcheroo, very good right there. Only problem would we got a discount on this one? Because he had a bent foot? No discount. Gecko's is my kind of pop punk band so either gotta find one of the Ben foot or get one with straight feet. And Ben. What does that mean? A guy I know that's troubling. Wow. Good lord, how he really liked someone that had been foot because he thought it was special and he's got problems. So that meant something to me. Let me allowing geeky to die would be a really big deal in our household. Uh, no, man. Where is he? You didn't allow it. I reject the framing of that. You made a mistake and something led Tio. How do they look at men than courts? Liquid negligence Next willful, It's not. There was no wanton disregard for Gigi's life. In fact, You know, I think you know, your statement of the past would indicate the opposite. It was an unfortunate human negligence. But you could get hit pretty hard for negligence depending on the case. And this one were going for Maxine. Just you know, if you know about the got lizard, your lizard person you're wearing a cut off black T shirt right now. Which you had a snake. But you can't afford to know She had a girlfriend. But you so you know about anyway, if a lizard gets loose, where they likely to hide. Where did they go? Did they always end up in the closet or under closer in the bed? Or is there a place that they tend to be? If you know that our text Linus for 15295 K FTC, Singh will seek out warmth, no doubt. I don't know how that helps you to climb up the wall and end up like on the window sill. We have hot and cold running lizards in our backyard. It's really quite a standing there all over our back wall is our houses, Stucco. There are lizards everywhere. It's really It's quite the lizard parents or any of your lizard owners. You don't have to go to work, so just take your time. The next time you need help from these people. Wow. Wow. Some of the eye as they reach out the hand of friendship for 15295 K FTC speaking animals. I didn't even get to golfer gored by elk. The number of people who are coming out against the bail reform and policing eyes, their ballot tampering going on in Marin County, California, all sorts of stories and the latest on the bid that you're not hearing anywhere else Strong and get it. Attention timeshare owners. This is an urgent consumer art from the timeshare Exit Hotline, a national.

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