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He had been say a french politician do you think able to the cat as true and actually when we talked about it the westralian generally stunned not just don't do this by nature it does remind your franz of that idea that only after mitterrand died did you find out about the string of mistresses and the children all over the place it just was not something that was discuss and when it did come out frost us gave a greek gutted struggle said yes well neil that's men what you do a life went on now finding the the the kim young on lookalike whose showed up at the winter olympics another australian howard exnhl strain living hong kong who help us look a bit flight kim jongun and with a certain amount of capital clipping of the hair and the dawning of the correct to tire looks required a convincing lookalike made his way into the film trying olympics quantitive wanted me to be bought a ticket walked up to the north korean cheerleaders and dressed as kim's alone did little dawn's in front of them it must have been a wonderful moment to behold particularly uh what king the reaction of the cheerleaders hook of course we can lead to confuse some tried very hard pretend that nothing is going on others actually loft until he started dance a which point three north korean heavies virtually jumped on him dragged him away kicking him which is poor little unfair and he was detained for his own safety said the south korean police because they explained to him certain concerted elements were concerned about his attire for his own safety as he was in the press is being given a kicking by north korean every i think those implication yes but a wonderful moment a he has not broken any laws has no suggestion have been arrested i wonder whether he'll be back along with his friend who does donald trump.

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