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So much for joining us. Thank you. Episode one 65. We love you. There you go. You're doing it. Oh, my bogged tonight is a simple classic week garage. Oh, is that the glass X one or is it the leaflet one? This is the leaflet one. It's also a good one. Because I classics one anymore. The classics one is just like this. It's fantastic. I grabbed this one out of all times. This one was actually stunt cartel. And it is that leafy collab. It's an. Bog says. Yes. I'm not so good. No, you don't. No hard work. So that's that. I think I'm gonna do a dab now two and try to get through this grotesque train wreck train round. I'm sorry, it's so gorgeous. I just do not like it. Maybe next time we get to a concentration, let's get you some super nice concentrates. I know I agree. Let's do that. But it's hard. It's too dark. It's too thick. It tastes too fatty. It just, I don't know what it is about it. I don't like it. I feel like I'm tasting like residual stuff that I don't want to taste. Remember the west Edison stuff you used to do? Oh yes. This stuff was great. Yeah. Yeah. No. We gotta find that stuff. All right, well, let's go ahead. Oh, let's go ahead and catch up. Literally my finger. It was just starting. It's not burned. Let's catch up. Where are we bad? What happened in our last episode? We just talked. We read our emails. We did it was a mail bag, but we talked about keto and stuff like that. Well, we are still on keto. And it's going well. I mean, you know, I feel like on the weekend, I was went up for whatever reason I was hellbent on making these meatballs. I had some meatballs recently and they were delicious. And I was like, I can do this, you know? But it's not working out the way you planned it. No, and I've gone through two batches of meatballs on my 8 to 8 meatballs and last night I just like my stomach was like, so people what he's saying is he wants your slow cooker meatball. Recipes. Right. Because it's very easy to make anything. I mean meatballs keto. It's very simple. So, I would just like trying to figure out the right proportions to get it. Yeah. And I mean, my sister. And then kind of thick. Put the sauce in the knee make sure which I did, and I just it still was like, it was better. Like, maybe you have to cook it at like the higher for shorter. Maybe the higher temperature. Yeah, because the sauce turns to water almost. He wants the sauce thicker, that's what I like too. And he wants it a little sweeter. Yeah, and I think it's just a bit crushed tomatoes up in there with whatever sauce or you know. That sounds yummy. Can I just say this dab of train wreck I just did tastes great? So. Wow, that's great. So sorry I was a negative Nancy. Oh, that's okay. I'm glad you enjoyed it. That's the thing about being stoned stoned or drunk. It's just like, oh, I love this. More right now. It's not bad. Okay, so keto, keto. We're losing weight. Yeah. Life is fabulous. It is. That's all I figured out. My wine situation. But that's fine. You're still so sweet. I haven't drinking before I got all hell bent on drinking wine for the weekend. I've been drinking vodka and spray zero. And sometimes just taught it. But yeah. Yeah. Do you like that? So that's a nice. Low calorie, like zero calorie. Oh yeah, for sure. Separate. And then I also drink a lot of the surges on the white claws. Those barely have any calories or sugar, and then at all. So those are also keto friendly. Yeah, I'll tell you what, if you do keto and go man, get online and look up those recipes because they are a lifesaver. That's what really made that difference for us this time. Yeah, I mean, the thing that we kind of live on are jalapeno poppers. I literally made 12 of them today and I think we have like four laughter like that. But. Oh my go over and ask today, what's everybody having for dinner and I was like, oh my where am I chicken wings and jalapeno poppers? And she was like, you guys are having all of your bumpers every damn day. We in a merry day. Yes. That's correct. And actually, I had one for lunch. I mean, it's like we live on it, but they're the perfect keto food. They're a pepper, which we, you know, the hardest part is you got to core them out and you just wanna vomit when you're doing it because the pepper gas gets in yeah. And we both cough and sneeze and everything runs really weird. I have decided to start wearing gloves because they used to burn my hands. This material, like the pepper stuff, vapors. Okay, they're like pepper vapors. And they like rise up. So like when I stand up from sitting as a kitchen table, I'll get like a huge head of it. And it goes every time it goes right into the back of your throat, it like it goes straight to your throat and it's cough and gag. And sometimes David looks like he's about to throw up. He's like retching. I am. It's hard. Or like, I'll walk upstairs. To the neck top floor. And I can feel it in the back of my throat just to tag you. And that's when I was sing today, it's like that pepper spray must that must be what it's like. Only times ten. You know, that show works. I know, and pepper nature, but nature defenses. These are all messy lots every time. So but anyway, so here's our that should be the time of our show, really, as a stoner podcast. I teach our most give up every time. Every single time. There isn't a day goes by the nature doesn't have its way with me in some way. Don't try to not take nature seriously. Well fuck you up. You'll get bit in the house. So here's our jalapeno popper recipe in case you are wondering we've literally told them I swear every podcast but go ahead. Well, I have a new step in it. You do. And I think it helped. So, you know, did we tell that about avocado wigs? They're not alligator rigs, but are they? Armadillo eggs. I don't know, maybe. Should we tell them about that? I don't think so. 'cause we just made those variations. I think we made those couples. Okay, so David's making that a little bit of pepper. So basically what you do is like now instead of I used to like slid him down the middle and then just kind of stuff him from the side, but now I core them out from the top with a paring knife and I'm just kind of drill it and all this stuff comes out. And then I boil them and hot water for 5 minutes and then I stuff I'm full of cheese and chicken. We got a rotisserie Frankenstein chicken from Costco, and we pulled that apart and put a lot in there with cheese. And then I wrap it with bacon and then I put it on a baking tray and put it in the oven for four 25 for 45 minutes so the baking can get nice and crispy. And they're delicious. David will put all sorts of weird shit in our jalapeno poppers. We have like meat leftovers from the week. We'll put stuff that he's put pork in it. He's put when I make like slow cook like chicken for tacos and stuff for the kids, he'll do that. He'll put anything. He's put the meatball meat in there. That was the, no, that was the bell pepper, ground beef. So good..

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