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Listen to them tomorrow morning. A recap of this very exciting game for Nagy heresy receiving touchdown. After his rushing touchdown earlier this game, 29 total TVs this season that is the SEC record all by himself. He was tied with great Alabama running back Derrick Henry. 28 all rushing by the way 2015 when he won the Heisman Trophy. Alabama, the only team in the history of college football with a 20 touchdown scorer rushing and receiving in the same season for Smith 20. Plus now receiving touchdowns. It's remarkable how many different ways this Alabama offense can Puts you in conflict a point they run the football the way they throw into their running backs out of the backfield. Then, of course, the Heisman Trophy winner. Basically, nobody could cover him, at least not with the way he's running around tonight. Harris did not have a receiving touchdown in the regular season, and he had three nd SEC title game there. Six point win against Florida now has five for the year end over end kick off. I will record from right to left this over the head of tomorrow in the car, and it's another touch back. Here comes Ohio State and the pressure on them, Greg to pretty much match the scores because it doesn't look like they're going to stop Alabama very often tonight. Not just that, but also now Take a little bit of pressure off their defense. Alabama now has 30 snaps offensively, They're three drives not including the fumble. Dr obviously, but they have been remarkably productive. With the exception of that one blemish the fumble by Mack Jones. So to give their defense a little rest, the Buckeyes need to put one together. And you put the ball right in the middle of the field at 25 1st down out of the gun, Justin Field, hands it off. Straight ahead. And master team stopped up after a short game look like they'll give him forward progress to the 28. Dylan Moses, inside linebacker back from a knee injury cost him all of last year. And Christian bar more made the tackle box line up quickly. 2nd 78 38 to go first half 21 14, Alabama leading Teague running back on the left hip. Both fields goes out of the gun. Five man rushed Now He pulls it down runs to the left has a first down and much more across the 40 50, and now he runs out of bounds. Far sideline is Josh job was about to tackle him, and clearly, Justin Fields doesn't want to take any more hits. On those ribs. But that's a big run for 28 yards in the first down for Ohio State, any line up quickly again from the band of 44 hand off out of the team takes a couple of tackles, running down the first sideline inside of 20 and shoved out by Jordan battle at the hard to tell from work all the way at the other end of the field looks like the five yard line. But another big run 29 yards from master team. Noah's well short of the five yard line about 100 yards away in the opposite ends only market at the 15 yard line. Just a really good job in the last two snaps on the offensive line of Ohio State, Justin Field, seeing man covers, taking himself a great job on the left side of the old line. First in 10 out of a gun again and hand off the team running off right guard. Alabama's down for three our game in the middle of the field. Alabama's offensive line one. Joe More Ward is the best in the country, but Ohio State's is terrific as well. Josh Meyers first team All Big 10 Center, one of three finalists for the Winning team trophy. Ryan Davison. All American, right guard, left, tackle. Fair Munford. First team All Conference second and seven. Alabama crowding the line is finished two receivers to each side on now. Team moves from left to the right. Yep, both fields out of the gun. We're doing a Titan rocket in motion from the left him off the team, and he dropped the lost time Rumble. Laughter never got close to the corner Buried behind the line of spinach by Chris Allen. Huge play there by Chris Allen to knowing that Ohio State's field goal situation with true freshman is very much up in the air, so a huge negative play. They're coming off. The left edge by Alan dropped Teague on the sweet far side pressure from film Mathis as well to help pull that up. So it's third down and 11 there on the 16 yard line on the left, has received a bunch right lobby, singled up to the left one on one on Josh George, short side of the field play clock running. Down. Well, it's gonna be a time of used by Ryan Day Time out called by Ohio State 6 17 to go in the first half Alabama leading 21 to 14 and a third down 11 coming up for Justin Fields. In Ohio State. Back to the studio is Mark Caster Sugar. All right, Sean. Thanks a lot. Trevor Managed with me in studio Is Ohio State looks to score and even this game, but one of the big story lines of.

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