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His feet again, grabs a pistol from his car It opens fire, before driving on a major jump in salmonella cases in Perry. County the post-dispatch reporting at. Least thirty two people, have been sickened in the past week alone there three required hospitalization. Local, and state authorities are, investigating, the source, of the salmonella outbreak again that's in. Perry County Missouri longtime. Highland Illinois police chief in public safety director Terry bell has died bell served the city of Highland for ten years before that he spent twenty years with the, city of Collinsville bell battled cancer for two years earlier this month Highland city, council named Terry regularly as to serve as interim police chief Lieutenant Chris Conrad will be the new permanent chief after three months of command, school at the southern Illinois police institute at the university of Louisville the crowds. Are jamming Belle Reeve and they've been irresistible for the most part During these tire week broadcasts from the PGA but it's not just the TV announcers who've noticed how much Saint Louis have turned out for this event, here's Brooks Kapika who's currently in the lead there's more people here this week, I think I've ever seen in at a major championship I don't know how many people have actually come through the gates Saint Louis is, a great sporting town they're very very energetic which all of us love and I mean. I can't tell you how many people. We saw, Friday Saturday, especially when you make not turn I mean even watching. It a, little bit on TV I was amazed at how many, people, were out here in the morning Tiger Woods I get that. But it's still impressive how many people came out kept talking there and came Alexis, Michael Calhoun was at his news conference yesterday. You can see. More video at his Twitter, feed, Kimmo ex news time is seven. Thirty six one hundred PGA championship is underway bell wreath, stink tuned to Kigoma Wexford player interviews leaderboard.

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