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You know adobe they make the best video editing software but I think I'll be a fun project and I think I'd be kind of a great thing for the kids to have I am for you put it all up online this way you know it's always there it's always safe to always backed up and I think you probably have a little fun with it at the same time thank you reckon thank you so much for your call let's talk about the corona virus pandemic it has all of us on edge yes now the last thing we need to add to the mix is a bunch of criminals just trying to take advantage of a dire situation and you know that they are doing it and they are gearing up because crooks have no shame we've seen plenty of corona virus related scams and just making the rounds there are tons of threats out there that can wipe your devices or leave all your files inaccessible when you need them now some of these threats may seem far fetched but trust me you won't be thinking that when they happen to your ransomware can strike anyone in particular all it takes is one accident click a malicious link and you may not be thinking you may be in a hurry you just click there and bingo Bango then also this is how we have all your files locked up and give us eight hundred bit coins in order to get out you're like I don't even own a big coin as we tell you how sophisticated these outfits are they have their own tech support lines if you don't know how to get a big point of them don't worry you can call toll free number and they'll help you figure it all out okay having computer data backup is just the smart thing to do I drive dot com makes it easy for you to achieve that starting today do it now we're thinking about it if you're not already backing up your data you have to do this you download the software once and I drive secure server start to store all of your data in an off site online location twenty four seven you can have access to the data at any time and only one idrive account that's all you need for as many computers as you want to back up now plans start at just six dollars a month when you sign up today you can save ninety percent off your first year's plan but you have to use my name Kim.

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