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To jail over from all those different schools. So, um, rooms are covering that, Sean. Well, people go. Well, who do you hang out with the help of Kathy? I don't hang out with anybody else because they're all a judge. They're always they're all in jail restaurant business. I mean, I don't care what restaurant you worked on somebody. Had something available. I think that's fair. I think cannabis was the least worried product that they had in a restaurant available. I just saying I mean, okay, so let's talk about the food part. How does How do we get from the point of you go. Hey, we do this. This and this. We can do a really nice dinner that's controlled. Everybody's got to have their card when they come in, So it's legal. And then whoever does it's a producer. Right? So how does tell me how something like that gets put together? Well right now. Technically in the state of Oklahoma Cannabis kitchens, Cannabis restaurants are illegal. Why do they hate us? I don't know. I really don't know why they're doing. I mean, there's a lot of laws, then that's a whole another story, but In the essence of it. Cannabis is nothing more than salt, pepper, basil, Anything like that. It's an ingredient so Now, Kathy was talking about flavors and like, Can you taste it and that? Yes, you can taste some of it. But it also depends on how you hide it. If I put it in a chocolate cake, I can put you in a chocolate that you'll never see it. We'll never know. Have you tasted Lake Hefner? Water when the water exactly, Honey, come on, man, that if you can tell our listeners that process about how you did Made sugar infused or Yeah, that's actually pretty sugar. I thought it was so fascinating. And then that's how you make a chocolate cake or that's how you make you know. So with any cannabis products, you start out with the raw plant. Now you can use that We used to call that we'd just everybody knows. One great thing about cannabis is everything from the root to the tip of the plant is all usable One way or another. You can make what's called RSO RSO is Your FICO. It's It's a strong Concentrated version of the oil. They give it to cancer patients. It's what actually helps cancer patients bring back more of their appetite and not being as much pain from chemo. There's thousands of people that are almost unfair. That was never offered 100%, right. So when we go into cooking We can take that Rs so we can take what's called distillate, which is when you take everything. Parts of the plan and you run them and you pull out a different an oil that's diluted down kind of, and then you have your real thick RSF. So you're distillate. You can take your discipline or your cannabis plants. Your cannabis flower. Write them down, and there's all different carriers. You can use an oil. It isn't you have some THC is an oil carrier, meaning something to mix it right Carrier to mix it with so you can do. Ever clear or high proof alcohol. You can do oils. You can do milk you can do. I mean, there's literally any liquid can be done. So with what Kathy was talking about you taking you d Carve your cannabis D carving is basically boiling down baking it to, uh About 225 degrees 30 to 45 minutes to kind of help. Release. What do you tell the neighbors about the snow? It's legal. I don't even know my neighbors. Nothing, She said. I didn't hear this. Okay today, so once you break it down and you d carpet You can Right. There's so many different primitive. There's so many different ways. There's machines that you can literally buy a machine for 200 bucks. Take your cannabis. Throw it in there through a couple cans or a couple cups of ever clear in it for an hour and a half. Two hours later, you have cannabis infused ever clear that you can do it in a pot. You can do it across, but you can do anything. So now you take once you strain out all your plant matter. You have a clear green liquid right now. You have you can do anything with that liquid. It is 100%. It's ever clear. So with what Kathy was ever clear, for those of you who don't know how straight alcohol that we used to drink in Kansas as teenagers with grape juice and make up and fashion? Yeah, awful stuff. So then, like with me, I take one cup of the ever clear mixture, and I mix it with two cups of sugar. Put it on a sheet pan. Put it back in the oven at about 170 degrees as low as your Evan will go. And slowly, every 15 20 minutes. You just stir it. What you're doing is you're taking all that ever clear and you're getting it to evaporate. Alcohol is gonna evaporate right? Three minutes at high of an alcohol content, right with all the alcohol evaporating Now, all your THC oil molecules have attached to your sugar molecules. Now, Um Berlet, bro, I mean, it really 100% right? So now you can take that and you can put it in a jar and stored in your cabinet. Now, if you want a light chocolate cake, or you want a light dessert with just a little bit, maybe half a cup and a half a cup of regular sugar. You can cut it down. However, you want to think that's fascinating. And that's just one of millions of product that and you look and you go so I was making old fashions. Old fashioned with a different, slower kick, you know and well and when you get to like drinks and anything with that you want to use what's called a water soluble, which is where they've taken the THC molecules. They've added it with some things, and now they've literally powdered. The THC because they've made it the molecule so small, it's connected to another powder. Then I can take that as a powder. I can Sprinkle it on food. I can mix it in with drinks. Can Sprinkle it on your Cheerios. I can make it an insane simple syrup. Right? Well, that's why I'm looking at it goes into anything at that point, And then we actually some of the people. Simple syrup. Greener isn't clear. No, you can do a clear one. If he didn't water, water soluble. It would be a little class. Sorry. This is Chef talk actual real so And some of the people I work with and work around. I mean, I know people right now that have like a Sarasota ketchup. I know they have mustard barbecue sauce. They just came out with drink additives. So they have a margarita mojito. A bloody Mary, literally in a bottle. Let's say, 100 MG for that ball, or you put half of it in the bloody Mary with your tomato juice, And now you've got a 50 mg Bloody Mary with your alcohol. God, that's amazing. So we were talking before and I go. You go into Sam's and there's booze in everything I mean from And these things literally look like kid pops an Italian ice and all this other state, So I'm not surprised. I'm just I am still I can't. I struggle with the that this is legal. I really still just like I can't believe this is legal. I just can't wrap my head around it. But I So here's Here's the statistics that I read this past week, so people who used to drink in bars they spend 300 bucks a month essentially on cannabis products instead, so There's a negative effect for some bars. But the good thing is I've never known anybody to smoke weed or get high that wants to fight. They just want to eat a burrito. Really good ones for some good fish and chips, Right? Right. And so I don't I don't have any issues with that part of it. And another thing. A lot of people don't understand about cannabis is I mean, you guys know my struggles for the longest time with depression and everything else, which that helps immensely. But when I left the restaurant industry, I was drinking 1/5 of whiskey at night. Oh, man. But I switched to cannabis and I I literally have learned what a true social drinker is. I'll go out with you guys. And you're like, Hey, you want to have a glass? I will have one glass of wine. She's she's one of those. Yeah, I don't. I'm not. I was never that person. I mean, you guys know me. I go somewhere and you're all in or you want to drink? No. I want that bottle plus another drink. Yeah. With cannabis. You don't do that. I think that is probably the Biggest advantage, especially in a state that is basically Afro culture, half roast Celtic Native American all three cultures known for some issues with addictions, and and that's the thing like it's pulling people off of heroin. It's pulling people off all these other drugs. It's pulling you away from alcohol. And We can get this so that somebody calling the complaints..

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