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Did it concerns me. Listen when we got together as a team roster this year. But i was also text with a friend. Jason bonetti It was his birthday over the On a thursday wanna it was his birthday then was whatever. It was happy birthday jason but any front of the show friend of mine friend in our hearts absolutely and he's turned on the airwaves to review broadcaster. We wish him luck. Speaking of sports met you on the last episode you were discussing possibly going to see a soccer game live for the first time since the pandemic no no. I went to one game in june. Yeah when it seems like things were so there was talk of you possibly going over the weekend. Yes how did that play out. I went did i did yes wonderful. How did you win. Did win in the probably the least heroic fashion possible which is We the winning goal was an own goal and it was the kind of own goal where sometimes in soccer a defender will like. You know the ball's coming into the box. And they like try they're trying to clear it and it goes off their head the wrong way and it goes on the goal and it's like that happens. It sucks but it happened at the goal from this week's Ted louca yeah. So this was a an unpressured centre-back trying to pass the ball to his own goalkeeper. And he passed it to his goalkeepers right his goalkeeper happened to be leaning all the other direction and just rippled into the is like the saddest was like it was a slow motion but the of course what. What was the final score. Three two to three. It was exciting to win. It was an exciting game. The first goal happened twenty seconds into the game okay. L. afc scored. It was the fastest goal and l. afc team history. The team's only four years old. But it's still very fast. Twenty seconds is a very fast the goal so that was super exciting. We were at the at the end that happened at is like the guys are sitting in the end zone. My lack of a better. Yeah my friends. Tickets are in right behind one of the goals. The south goal so it was like there. Would you rather be like on the fifty yard line. i. I don't know how you when we talk about the pitch what we're yeah that the The i don't really either say. I don't know the name of that. Centre line is just the middle of the field to me. But i do like being on the sides to to seriously equals. But it's you see some things that in the end that you never see it which gets of fun to see from that vantage point too. So i i don't really care being there as you this a night game correct. Yep so this wouldn't play into where you're sitting on the easter's west side of the stadium. South south stadium goes that way. Yeah the the ends are the north and south boy. Why am i mentioning that stadium differently than That's where i saw iron maiden And i want us at boy. I wanted to say a. We sat on the side. Which would have been the south. But maybe i got turned around as i walk into the stadium. Maybe either about mine. Nobody's ever kicking into the sun No not if they're kicking north south like ford or back your goals. If you're aiming for a goal you would never be seeking wrestling correct. And that's probably why they position. I would imagine yep Did you for some follow. Ups a guy who's been a couple of baseball and If you outdoor concerts was now these are soccer fans though you guys are known to be dumb were you very. Did you feel safe. Yeah it's crowded it was very crowded was Everyone has to wear a mask Everywhere except like once. You're at your seat. I think is seems to be the rule. Like when you're in the concourse you have to have mask on. I think we've been talking about this for ten check. Let's talk about the science of that If i'm walking from my seat to the bathroom and they want me to wear my mask But if i'm in my seat They i don't necessarily innuendo because concourses may be covered. Yeah thanks for your time. And it's you've been there. It's it's i don't like those those concourses not really enough or poorly made. Yeah really designed. It was almost like they were like. Wow it soccer. this is never going to be full. And then immediately full their own shit. There's more people here and like it's not enough room for especially because soccer is forty five minutes of continuous action than it stops for fifteen minutes. Was that right so every single person is in there when the games on every single person goes to the bathroom and to get food at the exact same time. It's not nearly enough room disaster for that reason. Yeah i mean what you're supposed to do about it like it's it's obviously valuable real estate if you push out and make it bigger. That's causes. Logistical problems for the people designing it yet but other stadiums managed to do it for in the middle of nowhere. But if you're in the middle of major city it's kinda hard dictated by most of these teams are in the suburbs. Some seven percent But even the staple center. There's the courses seem wider there. Yeah they do. That's true and is your stadium even which has been around for ages. they even seems wider. Those seem like a very narrow. We'll dodger stadium is multi level. That's the other thing there isn't there's only one level in in the bank of california is. Yeah so there's no like you're not dispersing the crowd vertically then you climb up here seats that the purpose either go you go out and either go up or down. Okay yeah I was level. When i saw your maiden i was level. Yeah i mean if it depending on so we were to the where these guys were. The seats are you. Don't you go out and you're just there. You don't have to go up these guys. A friend of mine from school from Charlie school he p played. Charlie played soccer with his son a couple years ago and we became friends and then another friend of ours is was the guy who was the co. He also has a son. That agent was the coach of that team. So the three of us and in that first guys brother-in-law has these season tickets and so he gets to use them quite a bit and I've been the beneficiary on. Multiple occasions has been fantastic. You drive together with these fellows. You meet their. How's it work you train to no i i. I don't know how. I don't know the train seems like a bad idea in this in this pandemic why shaper yogi. I was gonna say. I love to take the train before number one way or you're paying for parking. Well he his season tickets. Come with the park with them. I drove with the other guy. He met us. There doesn't matter he. Yes you drove with the guy you don't know he drove me. No no no. There's only one guy knows uber. The the guy who was charlie's coach and i drove together. He and then we met the guy who you don't know who don't know and our other friend who's brother in law that is they had. They came together if you went. You enjoyed yourself in short we agree you can't play soccer without. Aco didn't you say uso eight yes. Show yeah yeah so is that a is that a slogan of theirs. I i didn't. I've never heard billy l. a. y. Socar oh yeah..

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