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What's going on family. What's going on family what's going on. It's another episode of the on the ball and we're live today we're talking about. How can student athletes ultimately prepare themselves for name image in likeness rights. We're gonna get ready to dive in today. So shared this with a friend showed us with a teammate. Shared his with a coach. Wherever you are. 'cause i wanna make sure that you are positioned to really thrive into really win as we get ready for name. Image and likeness. Let's get into this episode to beyond the mall. Your we go here we go. What's going on what's going on what's going on ballers and welcome to another episode of the beyond. The ball podcast. I'm your host. Jonathan jones and as i shared with you are just a little bit earlier today. I want to focus on. How can we really help. Our student athletes truly succeed beyond their degree. Right and the reason. I say that is because when it comes to getting positioned and it comes to being in place to really thrive for name image and likeness l. instagram. Hello youtube. I think this is a conversation that has been. There's been a lot of speculation leading up to a write a lot of speculation. A lot of what is a lot of. We could do this. We could do that. So i just want to bring clarity to the situation and i wanna make sure that we're all in the same page Before we even really dive in so understanding that it's been. I'm not sure how many years up until the point into this day to wear student. Athletes have been constantly showing up putting an hour's practice putting in ours for games in time after time after time Student at these and primarily. This has been around. Division one sports but primarily after their time has done with that institution. They look back in. They say well wait a minute. They charge for tickets to get into the games they charge people for jerseys they charge for concession stands They sell tv contracts but then the question. The question begins to be will. How much of this. Money is actually pocketed for the student athlete. How much of that money are they getting in exchange for the work that they've put in. How much are they having to show for after their time is up competing at this particular institution are at that particular institution so with these things being understood. I wanna break down today just house student..

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