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Aqap company Mark McDonnell of rat tone. He is also announced he is going to run for CD three. Valerie plame. My favorite spy, maybe. Valorous, but Nosa PR see Commissioner term limited out in twenty twenty. Maybe I asked her last week. Do you wanna nounce today on my radio show? I didn't even know she's gonna run around. This is Valerie Panova. And she sent me some long texts about kind of direction what she's thinking about. But she is thinking about right now, she says, I'm leaning towards running. Leaning towards running because it would be an honor to serve and an opportunity to extend my service. Rio Rancho mayor, Greg home. He's republican. Also possibility said at this point, we're having communications with family members, friends supporters and giving it a serious consideration running as a Republican. In northern New Mexico. Now, this one makes me just almost throw up a little bit. That would be Republican Pat lines. Just because some people will never ever ever just go out and get a job. One more opportunity to belly up to the old public truck. Pal lines is to me is like Ken Sanchez down in cookie. Who's a democrat not picking unpack because he's a Republican because apparently don't have a resume. We could actually go out and get a job find something else to do with your life. Ken Sanchez at city, council county commission city council back and forth and back and forth. Do give it up. Back away from the public trough headlines of Cuervo. Was a state Senator for decade was a state land Commissioner for eight years was a PR see Commissioner for eight years. Lost running for state land Commissioner again, just ethnic Garcia, Richard. Kind of the poster boy for building up to the public trough. But he's thinking about it. Honestly, I mean, I don't care if he does or not I don't think he has a chance but go for dude if you want Pat line saying, well, we're gonna find supporters evaluate the political environment. And see if we could win Carl Trujillo former day Representative said he is not made it decision. Former state rep from district forty six. Carl Trujillo saying, quote, there are many discussions be had with supporters and most importantly, my family before making it at on whether or not I will run. Carlos is narrow stay I told you demand stampede. Stays tenetur Carlos is narrow democrat from Cuesta. Hasn't ruled out running for congressional district. Number three. Some folks have approached me. That's what everybody says is not. And I've had the same comment from like. Five different people not me not that. I want to run is that people are pushing me people people from all over the planet are asking me to run. Used to have a friend while she's still friend, but we were more than friends at the time who was thinking about running for governor. Choosing elected official for sixteen at four terms. Was not me people from all over people from DC mostly national people asking me to run for governor. What do you think I know you would make a good governor? Ooh, let me just say we had a bit of a fight didn't like did one. Nobody wants to. That is my curse attend to say. You know, ten to say what I think is the truth. So Joseph my ESTES. Former mayor Espanola. Former city councillor Santa Fe former candidate for mayor of Santa Fe. Justice. My some folks are protein me. The my response has been that a lot has to happen before them. But he says now the Ben raised announced he's running for Senate. Now he can start thinking about is seriously. Now, MRs Sanchez from out of golladay first term, stay Representative. He's saying I've you the opportunity run for the CD three seat as an opportunity to create and further policy having a larger more positive impact on our northern New Mexico communities businessman from rat thong, Mr. McDonald's the other candidate already in the race said we must be bold enough to elect someone to that seat who will fight for new ideas, a cleaner and more resilient future. A more fair economy and equality for everyone..

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