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Hi I'm Greg Poulson and I'm Vanessa Richardson every Monday. Vanessa and I co host serial killers a podcast original. This is part two of our three episodes special on Jeffrey free. Dahmer the Milwaukee Campbell at podcast. Were grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're you're listening? It really does help in the last episode. We discussed Dahmer's upbringing his troubled adolescence and his first murder to try. I understand why he became a killer. In part two will be asking a different question. Could he have been stopped will look at Dahmer's own own failed attempts to turn his life around and the multi year killing spree that was ignored by his family neighbors. Sentencing judges and court appointed therapists in part three will follow Dahmer's final descent into madness and the events that finally led to his arrest. Then we'll look at the media frenzy surrounding trial and what it says about our culture them with the murder of Stephen Hicks. June of nineteen seventy-eight. Jeffrey Dahmer had thrust himself into a nightmare from which he could never return. The eighteen. Eighteen year old was still living at his parents. House in Bath Township Ohio at his parents were still nowhere to be found for the rest of the summer he was alone with the memory. Emory of killing Hicks and the horror of what he had become. It's hard to say whether he was more affected by what he done to Hicks or what he done unto himself by having to cover up the murder. People often assume that killers like dahmer are completely devoid of empathy and incapable of regular commotions. Whether or not that's true is impossible to quantify years later when Dahmer was asked if he was remorseful for his crimes he said yes. I do have remorse but I'm not even sure myself whether it's as profound as it should be. But the sheer fact that he was so upset about the first murder seems to suggest that he wasn't as cold blooded as we'd like to believe he clearly knew right from wrong he we knew that killing was bad and at least for a time he struggled with the bizarre compulsion he felt to violate those moral rules. He ultimately lost that battle but in the years after he killed Stephen Hicks. We can't ignore that. Dahmer did try to keep his violent side and check and By charting the next phase of his life his evolution into a serial killer starts to seem less than inevitable in September timber nineteen seventy eight Lionel. Dahmer finally returned to check on the family for the past several months. He'd been living at a motel just ten ten miles away the moment he stepped in the front door he realized something was seriously wrong. The house was covered in beer cans and liquor bottles. Those no food in the fridge when he asked Jeff wear his mother and brother were he simply shrugged and said they moved moved out finally a few years too late. Lionel realized to son had a serious drinking problem he immediately moved back in and tried to help jeff get Kazak together. Despite his protests Lionel Enroll Jeff in college at Ohio State University within weeks he was moving into his dorm. ORM and starting classes for the nineteen seventy-eight fall semester. Supposedly Jeff was majoring in business. But he was still drinking so much that he could never get get up to go to class in the morning when he was alone. He wept thinking about what he'd done to Stephen Hicks. After only a couple of months it was clear to everyone that college was not for Jeff. He dropped out at the holiday break and went back home with options dwindling. Lionel suggested that Jeff joined the army. The regimented structure of military. Life might be good for him at the very least he'd have to stay sober through boot camp. So just four days after Christmas. Jeff left for training at Fort McClellan in Alabama by the next June he was shipped out to West Germany which the US less was occupying during the Cold War. Predictably once he was through the rigors of Basic Training Jeff was back to drinking himself into a stupor. His poor performance formats got him discharged by early nineteen eighty-one barely two years after he enlisted. He was given a one way ticket back to the states when he was asked where he wanted to land. He chose Miami. He'd never been to Florida before but he figured the warm weather and Sunshine Might Cheer Him up now twenty one years old. Jeff spent the summer in a motel room near the beach. He got a job at a sandwich shop and spent his off hours soaking up the sun but within a few months his constant drinking had caused him to lose his job by the end of the summer he could afford his motel room. He packed up the few possessions he had with him and found a spot to sleep at the beach lying there on the cold shore as drunk and miserable as ever Dr. Jeff realized he could never run away from his problems. He needed help. He finally gave in and called his father. In September of nineteen eighty one. Jeff moved back into his family house in Ohio but being in those familiar surroundings only made things worse just two weeks after removed back to Ohio. He was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Ramada Inn. He was drinking from an open bottle of vodka in the hotel bar and vehemently refused to leave. Even after the police were called. This was Dahmer's I arrest so he was let off with a citation but the incident was the last straw for Lionel. They done everything to help. Jeff turn his life around but all their attempts had failed if they couldn't get through to him maybe his beloved grandmother Could Jeff Respected Catherine Dahmer whom he called a very sweet lady and a perfect grandmother when asked directly if he loved her he replied. Yup She's lived in that house a long time. Ohio which is about as close to an expression of love. Has Jeffrey Dahmer. Ever got so. In December nineteen eighty-one Jeff was sent to live live with Catherine in Milwaukee Wisconsin removed from his familiar surroundings. He made a vow to put his life back together and walk the straight straight and narrow catherine was a devout Christian. Jeff of course was a gay murderer but he started reading the Bible and tried to banish those sinful sinful desires both the homosexual and the homicidal for about two years. He had considerable success with a steady chorus of Bible. Study and church. Attendance his nightmarish thoughts about Stephen Hicks finally receded into the background and then one ordinary afternoon in nineteen eighteen eighty four. Dahmer was reading a book at the Public Library when a man walked by and slipped him a note it red meat me in the second can level bathroom. I'll give you a blowjob. Jeff was astonished. He'd never been propositioned before but his surprise quickly. Turn to panic. He was at the precipice of a slippery slope I. It's a brief hook up in the library bathroom. Then the deluge each of Ghaith thoughts will come flooding back. Then he's thinking about bones and dismemberment and the next thing you know he standing over another dead body so he told himself not today. It would take more than that to throw Jeffrey Dahmer off his righteous path. But the close encounter your head reawakened. Something he couldn't keep all his sexual desires repressed forever. Maybe he could find another outlet the substitute for an actual human human lover while walking through South Ridge Mall one day. He found exactly what he was looking for a male mannequin. Beckoning him from a department store window. It wasn't exactly a person but it was person shaped and it couldn't get up and walk away. Maybe this mannequin would be enough so right at closing time. Dahmer hidden inside the store until the last employees had locked up and left. When the coast was clear he undressed the mannequin? Put it in a massive sleeping bag cover and carried it right out of the store. He took a taxi back to his grandma's house and that was unfortunately after only a few weeks grandma dahmer found the mannequin. In his closet. She talked to Lionel who talk to Jeff who explained that he'd simply stolen the mannequin as a prank. He promised to return it to the store. And Linux let it go but with the mannequin out of the picture. Jeff had to look for another option. It occurred to him that if he wanted a corpse he didn't necessarily have to kill anyone. He could simply disinter a recently deceased body from this cemetery. He tried that but digging up a grave isn't as easy as is it. Sounds on the I ninety attempted it. He realized the ground was too solid to dig through with a single shovel he quickly gave up went home and never tried again. He'd tried alcoholism college. The army Miami Religion Mannequin theft and and grave. Robbing there was only one option left. He needed a living man. Luckily Milwaukee it was the perfect place to find one coming up. Jeffrey Dahmer enters the night right life now back to the story. In nineteen eighty-five Milwaukee's gay culture was thriving despite a history of conflicts works with the police the recent emergence of AIDS and a generally repressive cultural atmosphere the lgbt community had carved out a firm place ace in the city by the nineteen eighties. Milwaukee had one hundred twenty three gay bars and counting all of which operated openly under Wisconsin's sins first in the nation anti-discrimination laws into this flourishing scene. Came Twenty five year old Jeffrey Dahmer. The last time he tried to pick up a man it had ended in rejection homicide and a close call with highway patrol. Since then he'd been fighting down any trace of his sexuality pretty worried that one thing.

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