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Certain guys who were great all of Bella checks offense and defensive coordinators should have stayed offense have been defensive Corelli wise, rahmael Cornell, all those guys even Matt Patricia maybe Bill Ryan, I don't know. Yeah. I don't think Bill O'Brien's head coach near the colts, destroyed them. They just destroyed them Texans. There's some guys which just play within yourself. You know, respectfully somebody like Dirk cutter who just got let go in. Now, he's a Clinton is not a head coach. But a great coordinator. I love it as a coordinator. Now head coach you bring up a good point though that is gas one of those guys who who can't hit the turnaround twenty five foot jumper. But if you give them a perfect pass will do the layup. I don't know. I think I think as still hasn't. I like it. That's what he took the dolphins to the playoffs with Ryan San hose first year second year, he gets hurt. He's with Cutler. It was nonsense year. This your tattoo, helping up again, that's sixteen year was pretty awesome. But we're bringing in these guys because their quarterback whispers. That's it kitchens gets hired because Baker Mayfield, you know, proved to be great when he got out from under Hugh Jackson, you're bringing in cliff Kingsbury because the Josh Rosen now you're gonna bring an atom gays because his Sam darnold. Everybody's committing their team to one player. That's not. That's not the right approach to have you're bringing in a floor because he's an offensive guy. And he's gonna help Aaron Rodgers. Now Denver didn't do that. With Vic Fangio, they went the other way. Yeah. Ben and their quarterbacks need more help than any other team. Don't even if they have a quarterback, they don't want. It's a cool thing because you see the games last weekend. I think the highest point total was twenty four points. Yeah. Teams in the teens. There was a team that didn't get the ten, and I think this weekend is me the same thing. Everyone says the sense you're gonna put up fifty in the Colson Cheech and go back and forth. I don't think so. And if you look at these teams built around one player look at the colts. I know the colts are not sexy, and it's Indiana, and they're not. Fun and on and on and on. And we talk about them in our show more Cowboys more cobblers, I love the colts because they built the from inside out and their guards are good and their tackles are good. And I know that doesn't sell jerseys fat heads and stuff, but damn they will run you right over. I love that. And I think they're gonna win this weekend. But do you guys? And I know that there's it's formulaic. Yeah. If you watch the show, we skip Bayless watch. I take they will hit the Cowboys as often as possible when they're not even LeBron still the Braun. Yeah. And the cowboy as much as possible you being a football show. Are you told sun, let's work in the Cowboys, someway, somehow every single day? Absolutely not. No, no. No, no. And remember we started our first season was twenty sixteen which was a glorious season for the was that's Dakyns Zeke rookie jumping into the kettle everything. Now, not at all. I in fact, I think we take pride and hitting every single team. Like, I don't know. Maybe it's maybe it's to our fault. Maybe we should start more with the Cowboys those shows that you mentioned they're successful. Yeah. They don't cut. But also, it's like I also think that those shows annoy. A lot of people it because this is too much Cowboys and LeBron, and it's it's this debate as an entertainer someone on TV..

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