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Newsradio kale BJ on John Cooley this news brought to you by radio plumbing and air conditioning Austin police are investigating a trio of recent homicides where one of the victims is a newborn babies Eric del Santo says a pregnant woman was found shot at the South Boston apartment complex off south first and turtle creek we learned that this was a home invasion type incident over over drugs don't sentences all three homicides are drug related the child was barely a week old ground was broken today on a new text out Colorado River project in Bastrop textiles Diane Hodges says construction will begin soon on the state highway seventy one project is actually a project that cost fifty point four million dollars and with that fifty million dollars we're actually going to be able to construct nine new bridges in this area this is a project includes a westbound exit ramp across the river and eastbound entrance ramp at the Union Pacific Railroad is expected to enhance safety and mobility for all modes of transit weather permitting the project is slated for completion in winter of twenty twenty two Eric like of newsradio kale BJ and the mobility authority has been cleared to resume schematics for the new mopac south project which will include two new toll roads between Cesar Chavez and slaughter director of engineering just in words as a project has been on hold since twenty sixteen but much the work already done we'll still stand we were able to use much of it some traffic in.

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