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Sport brief show listen to the interviews and conversations that we've had a big another big shout out to George we our last segment we spoke about whether or not the NFL you know should continue without pants if its worst case so last case scenario if you have to choose between no NFL an NFL what are you gonna do it George said you know if if we can't have fans in the stands how bout every fan just by a speaker in their house and then we can transmit these speakers into the stadium and you know fans can transmit the noise from the living room into the stadium and then you get that the crowd noise I like George George George is creativity thanks outside of the box I thank you Harry Douglas a former Atlanta falcon for coaling up talking about Julio Jones in the fact that you know he's not under valued but he can be unappreciated because this manages goals to work thank you Harry Douglas calling it I thank you Steelers former Steeler cornerback in two time Super Bowl champ Brian McFadden thank you for calling in to basically help break down you know the NFL expanding the what will probably happen in a few hours expanding the playoff pool about the fourteen teams in the NFL playoffs it's probably going to dilute the quality of play now instead of the NFL and the players being exclusive we're going to move into a space where we're now accepting mediocrity you can be in eighteen eighteen and hope that you can go on a run where more often than not if you're eight made scene you know the odds are against you you know waiting for that Cinderella takes away the prestige of actually having to have a great regular season win your division to go to the playoffs you can be averaging go takes a little bit the shine off but maybe it'll make the playoffs a little bit more exciting also thank you Brian McPhatter FOR calling in on that my name is Jay are here with you for the next hour you can find me online or on Twitter at J. R. sport brief you can follow me on Instagram at the same place as well yes I am also on Facebook at J. R. sport brief and we spent the last hour and as George helped out we have some great calls about you know who is the NFL worth watching if they're no fans in the stands is it is it it don't do we want that and what it boils down to is the same thing when in basketball you know football still has some time to kind of get things together okay basketball had to postpone their season the a lot of issues right now and how to go about continuing the NBA season if it's worth it to continue the NBA season you know most teams have played in that that sixty sixty five game ranges about another you know fifteen games left you know if your team it and that that's out of it if you are the Golden State Warriors for instance what's the point of of re launching the season just a lop off a few more games we need to go directly into the playoffs but when is the right time to do that how was the best time what location what arena there's there's a lot of speculation right now as to how the NBA is going to continue their season and if it's even worth it you know there is talk right now of of setting up in utilizing when things can can our least safe again you know utilizing all of the hotels in Vegas and taking you know however many teams whether it's eight or sixteen teams and housing them in Vegas and you know playing the games like like summer league you know utilizing U. N. L. V. I don't know maybe using you know T. mobile arena in it and at least having the the NBA playoffs in a controlled environment you know maybe it's getting a few warm up games in the way lebron James made it clear last week with my main man Channing Frye said listen it's gonna be tough just to jump into the playoffs we don't need some warm up games give me a couple of games and then let let's let's get warmed up let's do it that way you can't just jump in to the playoffs I don't think we'd see single elimination maybe we go back to the you know maybe we do best of three maybe for a few of the rounds that that we we we stick to you know best of five I used to love the best of five in the opening rounds it it made that first round seem a little bit more important rather than dragging it out for seven games just for the the purpose of having extra games on TV so we can make extra money and you know the the the opinions are are out there you know Jeff van Gundy made it extremely clear that our last week you know he's an analyst a former coach he says I'm not an expert but I'd be surprised if the NBA plays again this season this is what Jeff van Gundy said it's gonna be hard to get it back going I would suspect that will be very difficult the good thing is I trust commissioner Adam silver to do what's right and best and not what is in the best interest of any money so Jeff van Gundy last week says I don't think the NBA's coming back now Daryl Morey yes Dow more who got in trouble for Russia you know saying some things about China and made the NBA lose out quite a bit of money the rockets GM says I don't know when but we will be back for sure we're prepping for playing Denver in case we go right to the playoffs I don't think we'll go right to the playoffs start so you have to differing opinions of of Jeff van Gundy calls NBA games for a living former coach and you have Daryl Morey who's an active GM for the Houston Rockets and says you know I don't know but we will be back for sure and there's a there's a few things you have to take into consideration here with the NBA if the NBA is actually thinking that we're going to utilize a July in in August and the September well you basically eliminated training camp in September with the N. F. with NBA season generally starting now in in the middle of October you can't do that you're going to have to start the NBA season around Christmas just to give these players a break you know we want we want to champion is it the safest thing to do is it possible to set you know pull all of these players into one place and one city and and try to isolate them in in a few months just to to get us some basketball and then even in that regard we just spent time talking about it then a fellow fans that's not to say that the NBA is going to happen is there for the NBA playoffs it's really an unfortunate situation and although I would love to see basketball is it the best idea should the NBA actually cancel this season is that the best bet yeah I mean Labor Day it N. B. think about this this is this is hard for me to fathom as as has been a lot of things that have occurred in the world recently but the NBA finals taking place around Labor Day NBA basketball still going on around the same time that hopefully this NFL football is just wild to me what interesting circumstances can lead to interesting results we're going to take your calls about this make sure you call me up on our guy coal mine okay it doesn't matter whether you own or rent Google makes it easy to bundle home and auto insurance having a home is hard work I know you got to do the yard you got the trash out you got to fix this you got to fix that but guy cold makes it easy so you can get the insurance get a quote geico dot com it is extremely easy I want to get your opinion on this do you think the NBA needs to just stop it and possibly just cancel this season and and and and try to restart in normal time and try to get things going in October what do you need to try to get this season going complete this one and then delay the next one it's it's it's just a whole lot that nobody has answers to eight five five two one two for CBS does the NBA need to scrap this season we already have a a bunch of calls you want to talk let's let's try to get one in right quick I'm gonna get you big rich Indian Richard give me a second let's go ahead and had the big rich in Mississippi you want to J. R. sport re show big rich was on your mind Cormark brokers also reflect what's up well I don't think anybody's ball player here's why this is a medical numbers were looking about thinking liability factor of what Tom Brady coming into camp on it but I don't care where you place your play one to live your dreams and have him get some problems bombards you something out of a corner but Gary Arnold figure don't have what college I'll be viable basketball I don't think you're fired one area yeah what will big rich thank you for calling up I can certainly what would it be fair to lead the jets from the job shop with a bigger lead what do you mean the jets in the docks out of white group what dream is going to want to play the jets from the jobs this year well we're not quite understand what you're saying big rich but I I think alternately what this boils down to I don't think any of these leagues and thank you for calling big rich some answer your question I don't think any lead is going to jump into a situation where it's not safe flat simple easy I don't think the unions I don't think the players will agree to play anywhere I mean we had our unfortunately cases with the Brooklyn nets and Kevin Durant but I mean we have regal bearing and Utah in Donovan Mitchell we had a case of Christian word up in up in Detroit it doesn't matter I think at this point where players are playing or where they are from I think this is something that we have seen that is obviously affecting densely populated areas but when you think about the proximity of athletes of of of how close they have to beat see each other I don't think that the players will go for it and I don't think the leagues will go for it as well I don't think we're going to see a situation hopefully not that is just set up to fail I don't think that's that's going to be the case at all let's go ahead and check in with Andy from Longview Texas and you're on a generous what we show here CBS sports radio thank you what a pleasure to talk to you just stated the point I was going to make and that what do you have a crowd in the stadium or not the players safety cannot be neglected they are susceptible and today as we have seen with the shutdown of the MBA at the with the players you named and all kinds of sports figures Doris Burke and others I'm coming down with the virus so I feel that it the difficult question is when to actually start this season but I I respect that you need player safety has to be maintained just as well as those who are sitting in the audience I sent you you've just stated that perfectly just people it came on and I agree I just don't know when they're going to kick off the season that's the most difficult question just like what am I going to be able to go back to work let's say it right then on known it doesn't hold this diet down and disappear and that might take awhile that's right well thank you Andy for call not from long view call up any time you know what they say handy great minds think alike okay well what a pleasure thank you like so much she is take your anti let's get richer than from Tucson real quick before we hit the brake Richard you got a few seconds it should go ahead and to somebody who I'll be quick so I hope you're doing well I kind of disagree in one sense it's where you find out about social distancing I would take track and field and run it against the clock so you can switch the lines instead of the nine one two one three you could take runner have one runner in lane one he ran one hundred Raintree you'd have programs but if you're lucky second he up for runners running against the clock they greeted two twenty races the athletes would get in it.

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NFL, George discussed on WAOK Programming

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