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Can buy or any program you can do herself. Love interesting is it. Is it important to speak it out loud. Absolutely our brains really love our waste and unfortunately in our society we become very afraid to seek out loud especially with ourselves because there's some kind of sigma there or some kind of i dunno societal view of what that means for our brains really law our voice and so a niece speak positive words source ourselves that we here in our own voice and we're looking at ourselves i mean that's one of the most powerful things that you could ever do fascinating. Yeah route we have as a society deemed the idea of poking yourself as one of the signs of insanity inside ahead. We're talking to ourselves all the time to us. Absolutely we're gonna the things that i've recommended to clients in the past two that they have set has been extremely helpful is recording themselves saying positive affirmations and then listening to it yes that that's a great to all of us that from taunton the i like the you said i'm curious about so if we're having some thought that comes across head and the the idea of being really self aware and taking a position of Dating ourselves up you know. There's a thought that comes across ohio. These better instead of fading ourselves up for not having on that beta being really curious. I wonder why i thought that. Do you find Generally helpful to conduct find that separation between I'm now said potty observer really of that sort and so i'm curious i wonder why so that absolutely journaling to help also Envisioning the thought is from another person like a friend or you know a trusted friend or something like that and thinking. Well how would i respond. If my trusted friends said this to me or said that they were thinking this that can help with a level of separation to. There's a lot of science that supports curious. Our thoughts and being mindful. About the way that we speak to ourselves. So dr elizabeth blackburn who has a nobel prize research on.

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