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Firefighters are dealing with the wildfires and looking at how they train and assessed and select individuals and in our conversations with dr klein. It's interesting when we when you look at a selection process. It's typically pretty is weekly demanding and we're looking at physical fitness but but if you take a selection events society and you just talk generally and say a frank where do you think makes a really good swat operator. Not a single person sits in that room says well physical fitness like the first thing that comes out would be determination bravery motivated initiative trustworthy. And all of those kind of intangibles that are that are hard to judge. How how do. I judge frank whether or not you're brave like standing up there and point a gun at you and tell you gonna shoot you you. There's there's no real way to to test that so were constantly trying to adjust that we're in a big right now a A concerted effort through the national tactical training unit or. Ntt you in trying to redevelop. What our selection process looks like citron maybe capture in encapsulate. Some more of those intangibles that maybe we we weren't capturing in the last system that we use inc really interesting and as you said not not easily done capturing intangibles you can certainly determine how good a marksman an agent is or how fast they can run or how many push ups they can do but that bravery and determination and tenacity that is a tough one and then how. They meld with the rest of the team. I think one of the one of the things that always impressed me As a field office leader was everybody has a role on a swat team. But yet they all work like like an orchestra together. Nobody doing anything outside of the knowledge or understanding of the other super pretty cool system and you know one of the things. That's that is super important. And that we try and impress within the program is is that trust right at trust in your teammates. The trust that that you have to trust that i'm gonna do. My job is going to trust that. You're gonna do your job and ultimately that's how that's how tactical teams in in no fail mission teams have to operate because the scenarios and situations that we deal with can't be solved by one person you'd be challenged to solve them with five people so everyone kind of has to know their role. Everyone has to do their job. They have to do a good job at it and they have to trust that those that are around you and that are on the team with you doing their job as well. Yeah i don't want to definitely don't want to take away from the baseline of yeah. You have to have good physical fitness and the reason that you have to have good. Physical fitness is that this is a marathon of career. This is a marathon of being on a swat team. I was on the swat team over a decade and without good physical fitness. The job is is monumentally harder. it's it's harder to wear. The gear is harder to be in the ninety five degree. Virginia heat in the summer with eighty two percent humidity and standing there in a in body armor with a helmet. You're not in not in good physical condition. You're going to struggle with And then of course you hit on it with the firearms piece you know. There are some very very talented gifted folks. That are really good shooters that don't have to work at it that hard but the vast majority of us. It's a perishable skills so we are out training we do have to train. There's a minimum number of training days for our swat teams. Not not going to say kind of where that sits but There's a there's a percentage that there's a standard requirement that we do look for in that we do track to make sure that operational proficiency is being met through training and through objective training speaking of talent. I'm hearing And tell me if. I've got this right. That increasingly female agents are part of that that talent pool at finds themselves Making it making the team on swat. I just Saw recently some fbi public relations material on an agent. They believe may be the first african american female Out of the swat team in puerto. Rico can you shed any light on on the diversity In terms of team membership. Yes sure You know. I think that's that's one of the things that i'm very proud of the fbi's program with diversity not just not just across sex but race as well as the diversity of background too. So you myself. I was a computer guy with no military. No law enforcement experience in. There's an opportunity for everyone to that. Makes it through to being an fbi agent to come out and and throw your name and that hat and and try out and go through selection and you know not to get too far off topic. Because i'll come back so your diversity question you know. I feel like it's hugely important in the position that i find myself in now. It's important that when someone comes out to selection of whether it be for. La swat team or chicago swat team or richmond swat team in richmond. Virginia that the agents that leaves selection whether they're selected or not. They learned something. I wanted to be a positive experience for them. That they that they came and they either learned something about themselves or they learn something that is going to make them a better agent leaving selection and again that's new irregardless of whether they make team or not. Okay let's hit pause. So i can share something new from the folks at wondering podcast. It's called generation y. That's w. h. y. Imagine you have two friends who are obsessed with crime murder mayhem and unsolved mysteries. They have a passion for breaking down cases that have been cold for years. Welcome to generation y a podcast where hosts aaron and justin gives startling theories dive.

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